Heros of the Texas Revolution

Below is a list of some of the soldiers who participated in one of the major military engagements of the Texas Revolution. These heroes include names that have become household words in Texas and are known around the world. They include Austin, Crockett, Bowie, Burleson, Fannin, Houston, Lamar, Milam, and Travis–to name only a few. But the list also includes well over one thousand other heroes, perhaps less known, that were just as vital in gaining Texas’ independence.

Branch T. Archer1790VA1856TX
Stephen F. Austin1793VA1836TX
Peter H. Bell1812VA1898NC
Gail Borden, Jr.1801NY1874TX
James Bowie1796KY1836TX
Ed Burleson1798NC1851TX
David Burnet1788NJ1870TX
Davy Crockett1786TN1836TX
Susana Dickinson1814TN1836TX
James Fannin1804GA1836TX
Tom Green1814VA1864LA
W. P. Hardeman1816TN1898TX
Sam Houston1793VA1863TX
Albert S. Johnston1802KY1862TN
Anson Jones1798MA1858TX
Mirabeau Lamar1798GA1859TX
Ben McCulloch1811TN1862AR
Ben Milam1788KY1835TX
Antonio Navarro1795TX1871TX
Sterling Robertson1785TN1842TX
Thomas J. Rusk1803SC1857TX
Anontio de Santa Anna1794MX1876MX
Ashbel Smith1805CT1886TX
E. ‘Deaf’ Smith1787NY1837TX
Henry Smith1784KY1851CA
William B. Travis1809SC1836TX
R. M. Williamson1804GA1859TX
Lorenzo de Zavala1789MX1836TX

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