Why is Texas called the Lone Star State?

Texas is called the Lone Star State to represent the long history of independence.  In 1836, Texas won independence from Mexico and stood as an independent republic.  In 1838, the Texas Senate commissioned a new flag that would symbolize the strong independence of Texas.  The Lone Star Flag was adopted and the Lone Star nickname … Read more

Lone Star Percussion Closed: The End of an Era

Lone Star Percussion closed its business permanently on On October 1, 2022, with no warning or notification to customers. Sadly, the percussion industry experienced the end of an era. Lone Star Percussion was launched in 1978 by Harvey Vogel who was unable to find quality percussion instruments for his high school daughter, Lauren. Lone Star … Read more

Why Are Texans So Proud of Texas?

The people, the landscapes, the sheer size: there are a whole host of reasons that Texans wear their state pride like a badge of honor. But perhaps the main reason that people from Texas are so darn proud is because of their state’s unique and deep roots within American history. Founded in 1845, Texas is … Read more

What kind of Lizards live in Texas?

There are a wide variety of lizard-friendly habitats found in Texas with plenty of anoles, geckos, iguanas, horned, whiptails, skinks, and leopards.  In the eastern and western thirds of Texas, the Texas spiny lizard is the most common lizard. The Texas spiny lizard is arboreal, which means it spends most of its time in trees. … Read more

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame – Waco, Texas

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame No, we’re not talking about a baseball team, we’re talking about the historic Texas Ranger Division, the world-famous law enforcement agency that has been solving crimes in the State of Texas since 1823. Texas Rangers provided protection in the Republic of Texas from 1836 – 1845, and with a … Read more