Why is Texas called the Lone Star State?

Texas is called the Lone Star State to represent the long history of independence.  In 1836, Texas won independence from Mexico and stood as an independent republic.  In 1838, the Texas Senate commissioned a new flag that would symbolize the strong independence of Texas.  The Lone Star Flag was adopted and the Lone Star nickname … Read more

Lone Star Percussion Closed: The End of an Era

Lone Star Percussion closed its business permanently on On October 1, 2022, with no warning or notification to customers. Sadly, the percussion industry experienced the end of an era. Lone Star Percussion was launched in 1978 by Harvey Vogel who was unable to find quality percussion instruments for his high school daughter, Lauren. Lone Star … Read more

The Texas History Timeline – 50 Events that Shaped Texas

Texas has a long and fascinating history which is partly what makes it such an interesting state. We’ve compiled a timeline of the 50 most significant historical events that shaped the great state of Texas. Without these events, Texas might look much different than it does today. Early Exploration and Development Before 1500 – Prior … Read more

The 10 Most Significant Events in Texas History

Texas has a long and vibrant history which is detailed in our Texas history timeline. If we were forced to summarize Texas history into 10 events, we’d say these are the most significant events that make Texas what it is today. What is Texas Historically Famous For? The most famous event in Texas history is … Read more

My Texas Copperhead Snake Bite – A True Story

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, adjacent to one of the Army Corp of Engineer lakes with hundreds of heavily forested acres. So we have a good amount of wildlife crossing through our property including deer, coyotes, skunks, bobcats and lots of snakes. I generally see a half-dozen rat snakes on our property each … Read more