What kind of Lizards live in Texas?

There are a wide variety of lizard-friendly habitats found in Texas with plenty of anoles, geckos, iguanas, horned, whiptails, skinks, and leopards.  In the eastern and western thirds of Texas, the Texas spiny lizard is the most common lizard. The Texas spiny lizard is arboreal, which means it spends most of its time in trees. … Read more

What is the official state animal of Texas? We’ve got 8 of them!

The Lone Star state has no shortage of state animals. Instead of choosing just one state animal, Texas chose 8 different animals, the Northern Mockingbird, the Nine-banded Armadillo, the Texas Longhorn, the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat, the Blue Lacy, the Texas Horned Lizard, the Monarch Butterfly, and Guadalupe Bass to represent the diversity of Texas’s culture … Read more

The Texas State Tree: Pecan

The pecan tree was signed into law as the state tree of Texas in 1919. Legend has it that Texas Governor, James Hogg, was particularly fond of the pecan tree and requested a pecan tree be planted on his grvesite. This inspired the Texas state legislature to adapt the pecan as the official Texas state … Read more

David “Davy” Crockett – the Alamo Hero

Davy Crockett, born David Crockett on August 17, 1786, was an American politician, folk hero, frontiersman, and soldier. Known by most as the guy with the raccoon hat, Davy Crockett served in the Tennessee militia during the Creek War, as a congressman in the House of Representatives, and in the Texan army during the Battle … Read more

The 15 Things that Make Texas Famous

Texas is home to famous people, famous landmarks, famous experiences, and famous pride.  If we had to narrow it down to just a few things that make Texas famous, we’d say the size, pride, food, history, and of course, longhorns. Below are 15 of our favorite things that attract over 7 million visitors to Texas … Read more

Interesting Texas Facts

The name Texas comes from the word “tejas” meaning “friend” in the language of the Hasinai Indians of the Caddo Nation.   The nickname for Texas is “The Lone Star State” Texas declared independence from Mexico on On March 2, 1836. After the battle of San Jacinto, Texas became a free republic on April 21, 1836. … Read more