Texas Lone Star Crome Trailer Hitch Cover

The Texas Lone Star State nickname originates from the star on the 1836 flag of the Republic of Texas. The world-famous Lone Star is also found on the Texas Flag the Texas State seal as well as the Texas state commemorative quarter.

Now you can demonstrate your pride in the Lone Star State with our best-selling Texas hitch cover. This chrome lone star circle hitch cover is made entirely from high quality 1/4″ steel. You won’t find any plastic on this 5-3/4″ diameter chrome star with a mirror finish. This hitch cover fits a standard 2″ receiver utilizing 6″ square tubing with 3 sets of holes to fit any 2″ hitch.

These hitch covers are custom manufactured by Shawn Jones and his wife Rhonda in Burleson, Texas. Shawn has worked in the metal manufacturing industry his entire life. He started making high-quality hitch covers roughly ten years ago and has since turned it into an art. The designs are cut with a laser-guided CNC water jet then constructed and finished by hand – down to the last detail.

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About Cassidy

Hello! I’m Cassidy Lackey and I'm fascinated by the pride Texans have for their great state. While not a native Texan, I’ve been here for about 30 years, first arriving in 1991 to attend Baylor University. I spend my days on an entrepreneur journey primarily focused on my small businesses, Texas Marimbas, Drone Pilots Media, and TexasProud.com.