My Texas Copperhead Snake Bite – A True Story

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, adjacent to one of the Army Corp of Engineer lakes with hundreds of heavily forested acres. So we have a good amount of wildlife crossing through our property including deer, coyotes, skunks, bobcats and lots of snakes. I generally see a half-dozen rat snakes on our property each … Read more

Battleship Texas I and II

The USS Texas is now a shrine moored at the site of the San Jacinto battlefield about 20 miles east of Houston. Perhaps better known as the Battleship Texas, she remains as an icon of a noble past. Although thousands of sightseers visit the memorial each year, few realize that her heritage extends back more than 100 … Read more

Early Texas Baseball Cards

Several sets of some of the earliest baseball cards ever issued depict players from the Texas League or were issued and distributed by sponsors in the Lone Star state. Among these were two sets issued in 1910: the “Old Mill” and the “Mello-Mint” sets. Each of these sets is described in more detail below. 1910 … Read more

Money of the Republic of Texas

Financing the public debt and implementing a stable currency system were among the many challenges facing the government of the Republic of Texas. Although the Constitution of 1836 gave Congress the power to “coin money [and] regulate the value thereof,” no coins were ever minted. Initially, the chief means of bartering for goods were the … Read more

US Postage Stamps About Texas Wildlife

Whooping CranesIssued November 22, 19573-cents State birds and flowers (Texas)Issued April 14, 198220-cents American Wildlife (Jack Rabbit)Issued June 13, 198722-cents American Wildlife (Armadillo)Issued June 13, 198722-cents American Wildlife (Mockingbird)Issued June 13, 198722-cents

US Postal State Abbreviations

The following two-digit state designations are standard codes used by the U. S. Postal Service. They are used in The Texians Database, as well as in the Texas History Forum and Texas Genealogy Register sections of Lone Star Junction. Alabama AL Lousiana LA Ohio OH Alaska AK Maryland MD Oklahoma OK Arizona AZ Maine ME Oregon OR Arkansas AR Massachussets … Read more

The 254 Texas Counties

Below you’ll find information on each of the 254 counties in Texas including the parent county or counties, county seat, and the land area it covers. County YearFormed Parent County(s) County Seat Area(sq. mi.) Anderson 1846 Houston Palestine 1,077 Andrews 1875 Bexar Andrews 1,501 Angelina 1846 Nacogdoches Lufkin 807 Aransas 1871 Refugio Rockport 280 Archer … Read more

10 Fascinating Facts About Texas You Didn’t Know

Pardon us for showing our pride. But if your state could boast these facts, y’all would be proud too! The following facts about Texas were compiled by TexasProud based on the Guinness Book of World Records and other reliable sources. The State Capitol in Austin stands largest among all the states. The San Jacinto Monument near Houston is … Read more