Bonnie and Clyde – The Texas Crime Spree

Although it’s been over 85 years since their deaths, Texas-born Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are still among the most infamous couples in American history.  The multi-state Borrow Gang crime spree included Texas stops in Dallas, Celina, Lufkin, Hillsboro, Lancaster, Cedar Hill, Prosper, Grapevine, Ponder, Grand Prairie, and many more Texas locations. Clyde Chestnut Barrow … Read more

Frank W. Johnson (1799-1884)

Frank Johnson performed a leading role in the Texas Revolution. In the years before his death in 1884, he also recorded many of these early events, which were later published in his book, A History of Texas and Texans.

Native American Indians of Texas

Map of Texas Native American Indians

For millennia, various tribes of Native Americans occupied the region that is now Texas. They were as diverse in culture as the geography of Texas itself. The following is a very brief overview of the major tribes that existed at the time of the first European exploration: The Caddos in the east and northeast Texas … Read more

Dead Man’s Hole – A Sad Tale of James Duff’s “Reign of Terror”

From time to time, we like to dive into our email bag and answer a reader question…. “I’d like to learn more about the Civil War incident where Captain Duff and his Partisan Rangers captured four Kerr County residents, Sebird Henderson, Gus Tegener, Frank Scott, and Hiram Nelson, took them to Spring Branch near … Read more

The Texas Rangers – The Original Texas Law Enforcement

The Texas Rangers are known as the oldest law-enforcement agency in North America with statewide jurisdiction. They’ve been compared to other world-famous agencies such as the FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As an important part of Old West history and its mythology, scores of books have been written about the … Read more

Population Growth from Early Texas Settlers

To provide a better understanding of the frontier environment experienced by early Texans, it is useful to compare the number of settlers then to the population today. As shown in Chart A, the number of people in Texas in 1850 does not even appear on the chart when plotted on a scale to show today’s … Read more

Leaders of the Texas Republic

This special section within the Texian database includes information about the members of the several Conventions leading up to the Texas Revolution, as well as the members of the Provisional and the Ad Interim Governments that served during the Revolution, and the Four Administrations and Nine Congresses of the Republic of Texas. For a list of the … Read more

Heros of the Texas Revolution

Below is a list of some of the soldiers who participated in one of the major military engagements of the Texas Revolution. These heroes include names that have become household words in Texas and are known around the world. They include Austin, Crockett, Bowie, Burleson, Fannin, Houston, Lamar, Milam, and Travis–to name only a few. … Read more