The “Treaties of Velasco” Celebration

Journey back to the incredible summer of 1836 and events were exciting along the shores of Port Freeport (formerly the Brazos River) at the Gulf of Mexico. A new nation had just signed the Treaty of Velasco at Surfside Beach (previously Velasco) with the self-proclaimed glorious Napolean of the West, ruler Antonio de Lopez Santa … Read more

Lone Star Percussion Closed: The End of an Era

Lone Star Percussion closed its business permanently on On October 1, 2022, with no warning or notification to customers. Sadly, the percussion industry experienced the end of an era. Lone Star Percussion was launched in 1978 by Harvey Vogel who was unable to find quality percussion instruments for his high school daughter, Lauren. Lone Star … Read more

The Texas History Timeline – 50 Events that Shaped Texas

Texas has a long and fascinating history which is partly what makes it such an interesting state. We’ve compiled a timeline of the 50 most significant historical events that shaped the great state of Texas. Without these events, Texas might look much different than it does today. Early Exploration and Development Before 1500 – Prior … Read more

The 10 Most Significant Events in Texas History

Texas has a long and vibrant history which is detailed in our Texas history timeline. If we were forced to summarize Texas history into 10 events, we’d say these are the most significant events that make Texas what it is today. What is Texas Historically Famous For? The most famous event in Texas history is … Read more

My Texas Copperhead Snake Bite – A True Story

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, adjacent to one of the Army Corp of Engineer lakes with hundreds of heavily forested acres. So we have a good amount of wildlife crossing through our property including deer, coyotes, skunks, bobcats and lots of snakes. I generally see a half-dozen rat snakes on our property each … Read more

Bonnie and Clyde – The Texas Crime Spree

Although it’s been over 85 years since their deaths, Texas-born Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are still among the most infamous couples in American history.  The multi-state Borrow Gang crime spree included Texas stops in Dallas, Celina, Lufkin, Hillsboro, Lancaster, Cedar Hill, Prosper, Grapevine, Ponder, Grand Prairie, and many more Texas locations. Clyde Chestnut Barrow … Read more

Battleship Texas I and II

The USS Texas is now a shrine moored at the site of the San Jacinto battlefield about 20 miles east of Houston. Perhaps better known as the Battleship Texas, she remains as an icon of a noble past. Although thousands of sightseers visit the memorial each year, few realize that her heritage extends back more than 100 … Read more

Early Texas Baseball Cards

Several sets of some of the earliest baseball cards ever issued depict players from the Texas League or were issued and distributed by sponsors in the Lone Star state. Among these were two sets issued in 1910: the “Old Mill” and the “Mello-Mint” sets. Each of these sets is described in more detail below. 1910 … Read more

U.S. Postage Stamps about Texas and Texans

Over the past sixty years, the United States Postal Service has issued almost two dozen stamps commemorating Texas and Texans. They are presented here, courtesy of the lifetime collection of the late Mrs. Myrtine Hardeman of Bryan, Texas. The stamps are divided into three categories: Stamps Commemorating Texas Events Stamps Commemorating Texans Stamps Commemorating Texas … Read more

US Postage Stamps Commemorating Famous Texans

Stamps are presented in the order issued. Sam RayburnIssued September 16, 19624-cents Sam HoustonIssued January 10, 19635-cents Davy CrockettIssued August 17, 19675-cents Dwight D. EisenhowerIssued October 14, 19696-cents Lyndon B. JohnsonIssued August 27, 19738-cents Wiley Post (and “Winnie Mae”)Issued November 20, 197925-cents Babe ZahariasIssued September 22, 198118-cents Scott JoplinIssued June 9, 198320-cents