Early Texas Baseball

On San Jacinto Day, April 21, 1867, the mighty Houston Stonewalls overwhelmed the Galveston Robert E. Lees, 35-2. While certainly not the first baseball game played in the Texas, it was among the first to be recorded in some detail. Moreover, it underscored the quickly growing passion for “the national pastime” in Lone Star state. … Read more

Dead Man’s Hole – A Sad Tale of James Duff’s “Reign of Terror”

From time to time, we like to dive into our TexasProud.com email bag and answer a reader question…. “I’d like to learn more about the Civil War incident where Captain Duff and his Partisan Rangers captured four Kerr County residents, Sebird Henderson, Gus Tegener, Frank Scott, and Hiram Nelson, took them to Spring Branch near … Read more

U.S. Postage Stamps About Texas Events

Stamps are presented in the order issued. Republic of Texas CentennialIssued March 2, 19363-cents Coronado Expedition QuadricentennialIssued September 7, 19403-cents Texas Statehood CentennialIssued December 29, 19453-cents Fort Bliss CentennialIssued November 5, 19483-cents Hemisfair ’68 (San Antonio)Issued March 30, 19686-cents American Bicentennial (Texas)Issued February 23, 197613-cents Windmill Booklet (Texas-1890)Issued February 7, 198015-cents Republic of Texas SesquicentennialIssued … Read more

The Texas Rangers – The Original Texas Law Enforcement

The Texas Rangers are known as the oldest law-enforcement agency in North America with statewide jurisdiction. They’ve been compared to other world-famous agencies such as the FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. As an important part of Old West history and its mythology, scores of books have been written about the … Read more

Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Note: If a cabinet position was held by more than one person duringany administration, only the first to hold that position is identified. David Burnet (Ad Interim Government)(March 1836-October 1836)Vice-President: Lorenzo de ZavalaSecretary of State: Samuel Price CarsonSecretary of War: Thomas J. RuskSecretary of Treasury: Bailey HardemanAttorney General: David Thomas Sam Houston (1st Administration)(October 1836-December 1838)Vice-President: Mirabeau B. … Read more

Five San Antonio Spanish Missions You Must See!

A chain of five missions established along the San Antonio River in the 18th century became the largest concentration of Catholic missions in North America. Built primarily to expand Spanish New World influence northward from Mexico, the missions also served to introduce native inhabitants into Spanish society. Four of the missions (San Jose, San Juan, … Read more

San Antonio’s Military Plaza

Military Plaza in San Antonio dates back to the eighteenth century as a military and commercial center in San Antonio. Long before the Texas Revolution, Spanish troops marched in the plaza. After statehood, the site became a popular gathering place for medicine shows, entertainment, flea markets, and other town events. In 1876 — about the … Read more

Flags of the Texas Revolution

Come and Take it Mural

The flags used during the Texas Revolution represented the diverse beliefs of the settlers of the period. In a few designs, the flag signified the desire for reconciliation with Mexico and a return to government based on the Mexican Constitution of 1824. Most of the flags, however, represented the Texan’s desire for total independence from … Read more

Heroes of Texan Fiction

Lone Ranger and Tonto

As if actual events in early Texas history didn’t provide ample material for thrilling tales, there have been a number of fictional characters from Texas portrayed in dime novels, comic strips, radio, television, and just about every other media imaginable. Among the best known of these fictional (or semi-fictional) characters are The Lone Ranger and … Read more

Lone Star Fair of 1852 – The First Texas State Fair

Historical Marker for Lone Star Fair of 1852

Corpus Christi in 1852 was a frontier town with its businesses mainly located on the beach, and residences scattered along a high bluff behind. Land in the vicinity was extremely fertile. Regions of timber grew nearby, surrounded by vast stretches of grassy prairie that abounded with wildlife. Despite this seeming paradise, Colonel Henry L. Kinney, … Read more