Texas State Chrome Trailer Hitch Cover

The shape of Texas is one of those things that, once seen, is hard to forget. Texas’ current shape evolved through a series of treaties, beginning with the 1819 Adams-Onis agreement between the United States and Spain that established the Red and Sabine rivers as boundaries. The Compromise of 1850, which established the Rio Grand as Texas’ southwestern border, severed New Mexico and northern tracts from Texas and gave the state its panhandle, generally provided the state its present shape. We believe the Lone Star state’s curvaceous profile is the envy of its squarish map mates.

Now you can demonstrate your Texas pride with this Texas-Shaped Chrome Hitch Cover made entirely from high quality 1/4″ steel. You won’t find any plastic on this black Texas shape hitch cover. This hitch cover fits a standard 2″ receiver utilizing 6″ square tubing with 3 sets of holes to fit any 2″ hitch. This is perfect for your black truck, Jeep or SUV.

These hitch covers are custom manufactured by Shawn Jones and his wife Rhonda in Burleson, Texas. Shawn has worked in the metal manufacturing industry his entire life. He started making high quality hitch covers roughly ten years ago and has since turned it into an art. The designs are cut with a laser-guided CNC water jet then constructed and finished by hand – down to the last detail.

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About Lyman

Lyman Hardeman has held a deep interest in Texas history. He spent his youth in College Station, Texas and received a degree in Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M in 1966. In 1995, Lyman created Lone Star Junction, a popular Texas history website that later merged with TexasProud.com. Lyman is a life member of the Texas State Historical Association and the author of Texas A&M The First 25 Years.