Texas History for Kids

Here are some great resources to help teach your kids about Texas including lesson plans, field trip ideas and more! Interesting Sites Texas Beyond History –  a public education service of the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin. Texas Beyond History covers not only the prehistoric peoples – Indians or Native … Read more

Texas State Quarter

The Texas Quarter was the 28th coin to be issued in the 50 State Quarter Series from the United States Mint. The design of the quarter is meant to honor the qualities that make Texas great. The top of the Texas Quarter says “Texas” with the year 1845 underneath – because on December 29, 1845, … Read more

Interesting Texas Facts

The name Texas comes from the word “tejas” meaning “friend” in the language of the Hasinai Indians of the Caddo Nation.   The nickname for Texas is “The Lone Star State” Texas declared independence from Mexico on On March 2, 1836. After the battle of San Jacinto, Texas became a free republic on April 21, 1836. … Read more

HemisFair 1968 in San Antonio Texas

With great fanfare, Lady Bird Johnson along with Governor John Connally and other dignitaries opened the HemisFair in San Antonio Texas On April 6th, 1968. Later on July 4th, President Lyndon Baines Johnson gave an Independence Day speech at HemisFair 68. HemisFair 68 commemorated the 250th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio. The theme of the … Read more

The History of Dublin Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper, one of the first major soft drinks, was invented in Waco, Texas by Charles Alderton in 1885. While working at Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store, he experimented with making new drinks for the soda fountain customers. By blending the 23 available flavors, he came up with a unique soft drink formula. Dr. Pepper … Read more

The History of Saint’s Roost

Back in 1878 the Reverend Lewis Henry Carhart had an idea to establish a town where Christian values would be promoted. Activities such as drinking and gambling were looked down upon and there were no saloons allowed. The local cowboys nicknamed the town “Saint’s Roost.” Named for his wife Clara, Clarendon sprang to life along … Read more

What are the Six Flags Over Texas?

The 6 Flags Over Texas

One thing that makes Texas special is that six governments have presided or “flown their flag” over Texas.  One question we receive here at TexasProud quite often is “What are the six flags that were flown over Texas?” The Six Flags Over Texas is used to describe the six nations, Spain (1519–1685; 1690–1821), France (1685–1690), … Read more