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AKINS–I am searching for info on Henry King Akins (b. 1847) and Julia Akins nee Herring (b. 1857). Believed to have settled in Van Zandt Co, TX. Buried in Bells TX. Need info for both genealogy and medical reasons.

ALEXANDER–I am researching James Alexander, b. 1750 in Augusta County, VA and any family ties he may have to Sam Houston. Family stories always told that I was related to the famous general. Will share with anyone interested. 

ALLEN–Researching A. C. & J. K. Allen, land speculators, founded city of Houston. Related to Eliza, first wife of Sam Houston in Tennessee. Moved to Texas 1830s 

ALLEN–Researching Ebenezer Allen (1810 NH?-1863 VA?). Former attorney general for Republic of Texas. Moved to Texas 1839. 

ALLEN–Seek info on family of John Laird Allen, Jr. (b. 1846), arrived in Lavaca Co., TX abt 1858 from Monroe Co., GA. –

ALLEN–Researching James F. Allen, b. in England in 1829; m. Elizabeth Stellfox in Austin in 1865; had two sons, George & William James. Returned to England where he died in 1867. 

ALLEN–Researching information on Boyd Allen. Was said to be the last messenger sent from the Alamo. 

ALLISON–Seek info on family of John Pryor Allison (1832-1882). Lived in Brownwood, Texas. Was a surgeon in the Confederate Army. Married Mary Waters Clive and had 8 children. 

ARCHER–Would like to share info about Dr. Branch Tanner Archer, b. 1790 in Henrico County, VA, d. 1856, buried at Brazoria County, TX. Archer served the Republic of Texas in several capacities.

ARREDONDO–Researching family of Atanacio Arredondo (b. before 1865 in TX). Married (before 1880) Francisca Rodriquez (b, before 1865) and had four children: Manuela, Matilde, Simona, and Andres.

ATKINS–Researching the family of Benjamin Franklin Atkins (?-1943) . Died in Bell Co., TX. Married to Docia Wray. Both born in Cornith, MS circa 1860’s.

ATWOOD–Researching family of my gg-grandparents, William Woods Atwood (1804-1872) and Mary Catherine Neely, m. 1829 in Hardeman Co., TN. Moved to TX ca. 1839 and settled on Gilleland’s Creek near Manor, TX.
. . . . .Hi, Cousin Billie. As it turns out, we are blood relatives. Our common ancestor was Ezekiel Polk (1747-1824). Ezekiel’s daughter Mary and Thomas Jones Hardeman were my ggg-grandparents. Another of Ezekiel’s daughters, Louisa, was Mary Catherine Neely Atwood’s mother. Its nice to meet you on the internet. –Lyman Hardeman

AYERS–Seeking info on Emly Ayers, b. around 1860. Married Frank Vincent Lindner and lived in Port Bolivar area. Died around 1908. 

AYNESWORTH–Searching for connections to Isaiah Hezekiah Aynesworth who came to Texas in 1840’s from TN. Settled first in Austin (home still here!) and then moved to Burnet Co. 


BADER–Request info on Joseph Bader I (1800-1873). Married (1) Mary Ann Schott in 1824; then (2) Theresa Burger in 1852. Landed at Port of Indianola, Texas and settled in the area which is now Castroville, Texas.

BADILLO–We are interested sharing information regarding the family of Alamo defender Juan A. Badillo of San Antonio, TX. 

BALDWIN–Searching for information on a slave named Squire Baldwin, born 1810. Owned by William M. Forester of Grimes County. 

BARGE–Researching family of Colon McKiever Barge (1820-1909 ). Settled in Angelina Co., TX. Married Hannah Cox, Rosanah Young, and Amanda Sayer and had eight children . Served as Postmaster of Yuno & Zavalla, TX. 

BARKER–Researching family of William Nicholas Barker (1810-1865). Settled in Walker Co., TX. Married Alitia Humble and had seven children. Served in the Texas army in the war for Texas Independance.

BARNETT–Searching for info for James W. Barnett (1835- ), came from TN to TX shortly after Civil War and settled in Elgin, Bastrop and Austin area.

BARRETT–Researching family of William Barrett (1796-1853). Held Old 300 land grant on Brazos south of Richmond/Rosenberg; later went to Union Valley. Had son Thomas Barrett. 

BARTLETT–Researching family of Jesse Bartlett (1792-1838), who came to Texas ca. 1831 and lived in Washington Co. Most of his children and grandchildren lived in Navarro Co. 

BARTON–Seek info on William Barton (1782-1840) of Barton Springs, TX and family. His wife was Althea/Stacy Pryor, dau. of Wm Pryor (Austin’s Old 300).   

BASSE–Researching Charles Basse and wife Agnes Doebbler. Both were born in Germany and settled in Fredericksburg about 1850 with their families. They were married there and later moved to San Antonio. 

BEATTIE–Seek info on Frederick Charles Beattie, born in Galveston, TX abt. 1889. Parents came to US from England in 1884. 

BEATY–I am seeking to share info on descendants of the Beaty family (Martin, Muhlenberg, William K., Tom G. and others) that lived in Gonzales county from the 1850’s.

BEAVERS–Would like to share info on Joseph Beavers, b. 1810 in VA or SC. Married Sarah Vestal, b. in SC, before thay came to TX in 1837. He served in the Army of the Republic under Captain English. 

BELL–Researching family of Charley A. Bell, (1852-1929), worked as ranch hand and cook in Menard and Mason counties. Married Amanda Emma Neil (1884), had five children.

BENNETT–Researching George Washington Bennett (1859-1921). In 1884, married Lina E. Griffith Walker (1861-1946). They lived in San Antonio, Texas and had at least 5 children: John, Henry, William, Albert, Mary.

BENTHALL–Researching family of Charles (or Carl) Duncan Benthall, b. Mar 2, 1864 in Old White Fort, TX (per Death Cert), d. Oct 25, 1954 in Dever City, TX. Married Amanda Emma Fondren in 1886 in Bell Co., TX. He was a farmer. 

BERRY–I am researching William and Morgan Berry. Immigrated to San Augustine Co. in 1837/38 from Alabama. Settled in Slocum area of what is now Anderson Co. 

BETTIS–Interested in sharing info on family of Jesse Richards Bettis, who settled around Brownwood, TX in the 1870s. Also info on possible upcoming family reunion in Brownwood. –

BIGGS–Researching Ciscero Cincinnatti Biggs (1849-1917), Born in Monroe, Alabama and settled in Lulling, TX. Father was Miles Monroe Biggs. 

BIGGS– Seeking any descendants of 3 brothers, all Methodist ministers in TX from 1870-1930: Wm. H. H. Biggs, A. Curtis Biggs, and Josephus A. Biggs. They were sons of Dr. Amariah Biggs of Pike County, Arkansas. 

BITTLE–Searching for descendents of Thomas Chalmers Bittle, m. Octavia Polk Atwood. Was chaplain and professor of languages at Texas A & M 1890-1905.

BLACK–Searching for ancestors of David Samuel “Sam” Black, b. 1863, GA; d. 1942, Martins Mill, TX. Settled & farmed in Van Zandt Co., TX from late 1890s. Wife, Hettie J. Henderson. 

BLALOCK–Tracking family of Robert T. Blalock of Henreitta, Clay Co., TX. Children were: Russell (my grandfather), Ina (b. 1888), Archie (b. 1890), Sadie (b. 1893), and Jay (b. 1896).

BLAND–Looking for descendants of George W. Bland (1861-1925), married Martha Ann Scallorn 30 Aug 1883 in Burleson Co. Had only one son, Joseph (Jessee) D. (1884-1939), before Martha Ann died.

BLEAKNEY–Looking for info on my g-grandfather, Daniel Coyle Bleakney, who was living in Houston, Texas in 1873. His occupation was as a telegrapher.

BLYTHE–Researching family of Francis Marion Blythe (1821 TN-1878) that settled in Washington County, TX possibly in 1845. Married Virginia Lockhart Harrison in Pulaski Co., AK in 1842.

BOND–Researching family of Charles S. Bond ( ? -1954; part Cherokee) and Annie G. Byrd (1875-1966) Married 1896 at Miles Station, TX and had 2 sons: Charles Roy and Raymond. 

BOOKOUT–Researching James Henry Bookout and his wife Mary Frances Cox. Came to TX between 1872 and 1875. Mary was killed in Wise Co in 1875. James remarried, to Mary Elizabeth Clifton in Parker Co. in 1877, and they had 3 children. 

BOOTHE–Seeking info on Quenton Boothe, b. 1838 in Virginia, m. Mary Elizabeth Hopkins in Georgia. Lived in TN, GA, and LA before arriving in San Antonio by 1870 and settling in Comanche Co., TX. 

BOREN–Researching William W. Boren and wife Catherine who immigrated in 1835 from LA and AR to Sabine and San Augustine Co, TX. 

BOREN–Researching John Boren that lived in Collin and other counties, dating from the mid-1840s. Married Julia Ann Gotcher. 

BOSTICK–Looking for info on family of Sy Bostic(k), said to be a capturer of Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto.

BOSTICK–Seek info on Caswell Harp Bostick. Married Sarah Elizabeth Porter and had son, Oliver, born 14 Dec 1884 in Hood Co., TX 

BOWIE–Would like to share info on ancestral background of Alamo defender Jim Bowie (1795-1836), especially any links back to Scotland or ties between Bowie and the town of Balmorhea, TX. 

BOWLES–Researching the family of my ggg-grandfather, Benjamin Bowles (ca.1784-1838) who had a Mexican land grant in Bastrop Co. Married Elizabeth Jeffries; was a farmer with eight children.

BOWMAN–Seek info on James Lee Bowman (1857- ?), m. Mary Elizabeth Anderson (1862- ?). They had 9 children–Isaac, Maggie (b. 1883 in Dallas), Ben, Jessie, Elizah, Lydia, Lemuel, Albert, and Arthur. 

BRANTLEY–I’m tracing William Thomas Brantley (1880-1962), son of Hiram Brantley and Betty Brown of Brownwood, TX. Married Etta James Cotton; had brother named Joseph.

BREEDING–I am researching James W. Breeding (1857 KY-1893 TX) and his wife Alice (his cousin, maiden name also Breeding; 1867 KY-1929 TX). 

BROOKING–Seeking info on R. P. (Bood) Brooking (1884-1933). Married Margaret Rose and had 5 children. He lived in Baylor Co., TX in the 1

BROOKS (African American)–Searching for parents of both Louisa/Lou/Lula Brooks (1871- ) and husband Forrest/Forest Hughes (1868- ). Listed in 1900 & 1910 Census of Linden (Cass Co.), TX 

BROWN–Researching William Harvey Brown (b, 3/1856, TN). Married Laura Catherine Morrison (b. 1/1858, TX). Daughter, Myrtle Emma b. 2/7/1890 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX 

BRYAN–I am researching Sarah Mariah Bryan, b. 1858 possibly in TX, and married George B. Wadsworth in 1876 in Corsicana, TX. She was an Indian and died in Corsicana in 1891. 

BURDITT–Would like to share info on family of Jesse Burditt and his wife, Mildred Crain Burditt, who arrived in the San Augustine area in 1834. Jesse was at the Battle of San Jacinto. 

BURGE–Looking for info on Jeremiah Burge, b. Tenn., moved his family of sons to Red River, E. Texas area in 1840’s. 

BURKS–Seeking info on John C. Burks from Clarksville area. A confederate camp named after him and a statue of him is in town square. 

BURLESON–Looking for relatives Andrew Jackson Burleson, born Oct. 10, 1860, Kerrville, TX. Married Mary Larremore of NM in 1883. 

BURNET–Researching family of David Governeur Burnet (1788-1870), who was president of ad interim government of Texas at convention of 1836 and later served as Texas’ first Sec. of State. He is buried at Lakeview Cemetery, Galveston. 

BURNETT–Searching for ancestors of Jefferson Davis Burnett (1880-1920). Settled in Van Zandt Co., TX; married Margaret Belzoria Mayfield in 1883; daughters Lottie, Clemmie & Nettie. 

BURNS–Searching for info regarding family of Andrew Jackson Burns (1890-1931). Married Annie Anderson around 1907 and they lived and raised their children in Red River County area. Annie lived until 1970. 

BUTLER–Researching family of George W. Butler (1797-1873) that settled in Richardson, TX. Married Lucy W. Jenning in 1818. 


CAIN–Researching Thomas B. Cain and wife Amanda James. They moved from GA to Collin Co., TX in the mid-1890’s. Their children: Mattie, Thomas Hiram, W. Walter, Mary (Maggie), Odell, Homer, and Eugene. 

CALLAHAN–Researching Martin Callahan, moved to Panola County, TX abt. 1850 with his wife Elizabeth Jane and children, from Campbell Co., VA.

CALLIHAN–Searching for info on Thomas Jefferson Callihan (1817-1880). Fought at San Jacinto, settled in Liverpool, Brazoria Co., Texas. Died and buried there. 

CARLOCK–Searching for history of Marcus Dewitt Carlock family which resided in Wood County since mid-1800’s. 

CARPENTER–Seeking info on Wiley Carpenter, b. Oct 6, 1819 in MS, died April 18, 1859 in Gonzales Co., TX. Married Laney Wilkerson Caraway. 

CARPENTER–Share info on the family of William S. Carpenter (1805-1875) m. Mary Long (1800-1874) in Bedford Co., TN. Moved to Talladega, AL 1832 and Caldwell Co., TX 1852. Her parents Joseph and Catherine Long.

CARR (African American)–I am searching for the family of William Beaufort Carr, born around 1896 in Beaumont, TX. He went to school at Butler University in Indianapolis and became an AME Zion minister in New England in the 1920s. 

CARVER–Looking for information on William Wesley Carver. Lived in Wingate, Texas till at least 1910, with wife and three children. 

CASH–Seek to share info on my ancestor, George W.Cash, executed at Goliad. Wife is said to be “the only female in the square.” Brother John S. Cash captured after the Mier Invasion and executed at the Black Bean Drawing. Cousin was Henry Kinney of Corpus Christi. 

CASADY–Researching family of James R. Casady, b. 1847 in KY; moved to TX as a teenager. Joined Confederate Army serving in Gen. Joe Shelby’s Border Calvary. Married Lanora A. ?? and had six children. 

CASPER–Researching Frederic(k) and Anne Casper. Immigrated from Canada. Fred worked for railroad. Lived in Madison Co., TX from 190? till early deaths in 1914-16. Had 7 daughters. 

CASPER–Seeking info on William Levi Casper, born 1846 in MS. Arrived in Nacogdoches Co., TX in 1854 with parents Henry William and Virginia Casper. 

CLAYTON–Researching family of Joseph Alvey Clayton (1817-1873), who was at San Jacinto and settled in Navarro Co. with his wife, Margaret Amanda Poole (1831-1873). 

CHAFFIN–Researching Talifario (Toliver?) Chaffin, propably born in NC. Married Ann J. Riddle in 1831. Emigrated from Hardeman Co. TN and settled in Lamar Co., TX in 1835. 

CLEAVER–Looking for info on Horney C. Cleaver (1848- ) of Nacogdoches. Believed to have formed the first Negro School in Nacogdoches. Buried in the Cleaver Cemetery in Nacogdoches. 

CLEMENTS–Seek info on family of James S. Clements b. 9 Feb. 1799 in Pendleton District, SC and d. 28 Oct. 1868 in Bell Co., TX . Lived in Cass Co., TX in 1850 and Bell Co, TX in 1860.

CLINE–Researching family of Daniel Wilson Cline (1860 MS-1943) that settled in Washington County, TX. Married Sallie Ophelia Blythe in Brenham, Washington Co., TX in 1885. 

CLOPTON–Researching family of Benjamin Michaux Clopton (1828?-1900), who migrated to Navarro Co. from TN before the Civil War. 

CLOUSE–Researching Isaac Wesley (Gus) Clouse and his wife Margaret Melinda Barger. Moved to Fannin Co., TX in the late 1880’s. Had at least 11 children. 

CONNER–Seeking info on Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Conner (1861-1930). Born Smith Co. TX; buried in Clarendon, TX. Married Mary Irene (Molly) Pettit.

COOPER–Trying to locate relatives of Rufus Cooper, b. 1842/3 in AR. In 1920 census of Delta Co., TX he was listed in the family of his son. 

COLLIER–Looking for info of family of Sarah (?) Margaret Collier, born c. 1846 in AL. Listed as Sarah A. on 1880 Freestone Co., TX census with husband Neal Cleere & four young children.

CORLEY–Seek info on family of Rev. Samuel Corley, born 1807. Was minister of First Presbyterian Church of Clarksville, Red River County, TX. 

COWAN–Researching my great-grandmother, Martha Ellen James Cowan, b. ca. 1857, the eldest child of Frank James (James Gang). She is buried in Nobility, TX. 

CRABTREE–Seek info on family of John B. Crabtree, b. ca. 1795 in TN, and wife Rebecca. Lived in Hopkins Co. and Cherokee Co., TX in the 1830’s, then Milam Co., TX in 1850, then CA in 1852. They had 9 children, some of whom stayed in TX.

CRAIN (Crane)–I’m looking for any information re my gg-grandfather James B. Crain (b. circa 1810, OH, m. 1835 Susana Slaters circa 1824, d. circa 1875). He came from Ohio, she from Mississippi. They first settled in Lavaca then moved to Goliad where the trail dies. 

CRENSHAW–Researching James E. Crenshaw, born 1856 in Neshoba Co, MS, moved to Callahan Co., TX in the late 1800’s.

CRISP–Would like to contact family of John C. Crisp (ca.1857-1920), a longtime resident and attorney of Beeville. Member of first class at Texas A&M. 

CROCKETT–Looking for any genealogical background data on Davy Crockett.

CROSLAND–Researching Martha Ann Garrett Crosland, b. c.1829. Lived and apparently died in Indianola, Calhoun Co., TX in the 1870s. Married Daniel Crosland (1824-1867) in St. Mary Parish, LA. Dau. Fanny Maud apparently died in 1879 of a self-inflicted gunshot. 

CROWELL–Researching John W. and Margaret Hamrick Crowell from Lewis Co., TN. Arrived in Dallas Co., TX in 1875. Daughter Rowena “Rennie” married James E. Brown. 

CULLEN–Researching family of Ezekiel Wimberley Cullen. Settled in San Augustine, TX ca. 1835. Member of 3rd Congress of Republic and later a district Judge. 

CRUZ–Researching family of Jacob George (1840-1890), a military doctor who settled in Cameron County, TX. Married Angela Longoria(?) and had two children, Isabel and John. 

CULP–Seek info on Josiah C. Culp, b. 1819? in TN; came to TX abt. 1831. Married Rachel Eaton, b. in IL. They had 9 children all born in TX.

CUNNINGHAM–Researching Riley Cunningham. Lived in Tyler Co., TX in 1870 at age 23. 


DAMM–Researching John Damm (Domm), b. in Prussia 1834, came to TX 1846, m. Augusta Carolina ?. Lived in Grimes Co. area. Moved to Brazil after Civil War. –

DAVIDSON–Seek info on family of Thomas Dunn Davidson (my gg-grandfather). Moved into central Texas near Bertram, Smithwick,or Circleville in the 1840’s-early 1850’s. Buried in northern Travis County in 1857.

DAVIS–Seeking information on ancestors of Nancy Davis, b. 1806 Christian Co., KY, m. Sion Bradley Dickson 1826. Moved to Hopkins Co., TX about 1852, where she died in 1884. 

DAVIS–Researching Daniel Davis, b. ca. 1782 in Tyrell Co., NC, m. Elizabeth “Betsy” Davidson probably TN, d. 1850 in Gonzales, TX. Was in Battle of Gonzales and Runaway Scrape. 

DAWSON–I am seeking info on Floyd Dawson who founded the Four Square Gospel Church in Lubbock and surrounding communities in the 1930s. He is said to be related to Nicholas Dawson of LaGrange who led his men to massacre and surrender near Salado Creek in 1842. 

DEBARDELEBEN–Would like to share info on relatives of John Frederick DeBardeleben, Jr. (b. 1828 in Chester, SC and died 1876 in Bastrop, TX). 

DELBRIDGE–Researching family of Mettie Clair Delbridge, b. San Antonio 2/23/1887. Father Isaac Delbridge; Mother America Darnell Delbridge. 

DENMARK–Searching for any info regarding James W. Denmark who moved with his family from Madison Co. TN in 1858/59 and settled in Bell Co., TX. 

DIAL–Looking for info on Martin and Margaret Dial who moved to Texas in the 1840’s, living first in Upshur, then Hopkins, then Colorado County. They are my gg-grandparents.

DIAL–Seek info about Cordelia Dial. Married Hugh Sheridan and died in Sheridan, Texas (Colorado Co.) in March 1938. 

DIAS–Would like to share info on family of Santiago Dias (b. 1770 in San Antonio, d. 1828); m. Josefa Gutierrez and had 2 sons: Julian & Canuto (1813-1778). Was Alcalde of San Juan Mission Pueblo in 1819. 

DICKSON–Looking for any info on William? Dickson (1848-?). Married a woman named Mary, had 4 children, and lived in Johnson Co. in 1880 

DOBBINS–Seeking any info on decendents of Henderson B. Dobbins (b. 1832 in AL). He was in Lampassas Co., TX in 1860 and in 1880 married Sallie A?. from NC. They had five children: Robert W. (my grandfather), James, Mary, Walter and Henderson. 

DOWNS–Seek info on family of Otis Downs, graduated Texas A&M? early this century and died in 1930s. His mother high in Methodist Church Board for Education. Believe he came from Temple area.

DRAKE–Researching family of John Gentry Drake (1870-1920). Married Sallie Johnson Butler of Richardson. They lived in Lockhart TX by 1916. 

DUNCAN–Researching my gg-grandfather Benjamin F. Duncan (1793-1866) of Gonzales, TX, and one of Green DeWitt’s original colonists. 

DUNMAN–Researching Martin Dunman family of the early 1820s from Wallisville, Houston, Kerrville, Refugio areas; particularly to find a marriage verification of Dunman w/ Elizabeth Hampshire/Carr.

DURR–Looking for info on George W. Durr, listed in the 1880 Wood County, TX census. Had 4 daughters: Margret B., Lucilla P., Annie A., and Susan F.; and 1 son, William T. 


EDMONDS–Researching the family of Charles William Edmonds (1858 AL-? TX). Settled in Milford, Ellis Co., TX. Married Josephine Manerva Davis (b. Feb 1860 AL) and had nine children. 

ELAM–Seek info on family of William Elam (b. abt. 1797 TN) of TN & IL; came to Hunt Co., TX about 1844-46. 

ELCOOK–Searching for info on William & Eufracia? Elcook. William came to Cameron Co. from Ohio sometime after 1898 as an army man. Eufracia was a widow; maiden name possibly Alkerite; married name possibly Garcia.

ELLEDGE–Researching family of James McClain Elledge (1843-1899), m. Mathilda Ann Thompson. Postmaster in Frio Co., Texas in 1872 and Justice of the Peace in Maverick Co. in 1874. 

ELLISOR–Researching Chenney Ellisor, came from AL to Walker or Montgomery Co. about 1850. Sons were Godfrey, Samuel, James, and John. 

ELLISTON–Seeking relatives of Mortimore Elliston, born in KY about 1830 and came to what is now Tarrant County (Ft. Worth) about 1848. He acquired 320 acres in the Peters Colony, near Birdville, TX and married Ann Elliot. 

ENGLISH–I am researching info on James Nelson English who came to Texas from Georgia after the Civil War, first to Cook, then to Dallas County. 

EVANS–Researching family of Emmitt Joseph Evans (1866-1964). Settled in Clarendon, TX; was a Baptist minister; married Lena Melton; died in CA. 


FADELY–Searching for info on family of Jessia Anna Fadely b. 24 August 1865 in Mason, WV. Married John King 13 September 1885; they were the parents of six children and lived in Vernon, Texas. –

FANNIN–I am searching for information on the family of Colonel James Walker Fannin (1804-1836). Colonel Fannin and his command were executed by the Mexican Army at Goliad. 

FINCH–Researching the family of William Pervis Finch, b. 1882 in Hillsboro; d. 1956 in Wortham. Married Martha (Mattie) Bounds and had four sons: Jesse, Rufus, Leroy and William.

FIELDS–Looking for information about John Raney Fields, b. 1801 in NC; listed in 1850 Texas (San Augustine Co.) census. Wife was Mary. 

FITZHUGH–Looking for descendents of Elizabeth Carney Fitzhugh and husband Henry Madden, who migrated to Tolar, Hood Co., TX from TN in 1910. 

FOGERTY–Searching for info about Jennie Louise Fogerty, b. 5-21-1864 in TX; m. Harry L. Baron 5-25-1881 at Galveston; d. 12-11-1907 at Galveston. Both parents born in Ireland. Jennie was orphaned as a youngster and raised in an orphanage. 

FORTSON–Researching family of Benjamin Joseph Fortson (1820-1855), who came to Denton Co. from MS about 1852 and soon moved to Navarro Co.

FRAZIER–Seeking info on S. L. Frazier who was living in Milam County (East of Rogers, TX) in 1884 and earlier. Wife was Mary Pouncey. 

FUENTES–Seeking info on Antonio Fuentes who fought and died at the Alamo. Antonio may have been married and left behind a son and daughter. Does anyone know names and dates? Also, would like to hear from any Fuentes.

FULCHER–Tracking Fulcher family in TX. Francis came in 1824-1835 and is buried in Walker County. John lived at Little River around 1825; helped form Belcher Co. Nathaniel and his brother Henry established Brady Texas by land donation. 

FULCHER–Seek info on family of Henry Clay Fulcher. Came to Casseta, Cass Co., TX from Alabama after the Civil War. Became the postmaster of Casseta for 42 years. Married Mary Alice (Sassy) Whetstone and had several children. 

FULLER–Researching family of Hugh Mordecai Fuller of Sherman, TX. Was in Company B, Fifth Reg., Texas Calvary in Civil War. One of his sons was J. Franklin Fuller who married Dora Duke also of Sherman.


GARRETSON–Researching family of John Wesley Garretson (1812- ). Married Annie Wilson and had 4 sons, 1 dau. Lived most of life in Atascosa and Bexar Co. 

GEMBLER–Searching for the descendants of Johann Ludwig and Katherine Elizabetha (nee Ries) Gembler. Arrived in TX on the ship Herman Theodor in 1850, settled in East Bexar Co.

GEREN–Looking for descendants of James Newt Geren (1845-1897) and wife Josephine C. Taylor (1852-1876). Lived in Williamson Co., TX. Had dau. Minnie A. and sons John H. and Richard H. (1870-1950). 

GLOVER–Searching for any info on Hiram Jackson Glover, a physician around Navarro and Henderson Counties about 1875. 

GILBREATH–Seek info on family of James Edwin Gilbreath (1861-1924) who were early settlers of Stiles in Regan Co., TX. 

GILLIAM–Seek to share info about family of Allen Gilliam, b. 1816 Franklin Co. TN. Moved to Smith Co. TX about 1850, with many brothers. Son William b. 1843 in Franklin Co. TN, d. Smith Co. TX. 

GOLD–Looking for info on Christian Gold who came to Texas from Brunswick, Germany with wife Sophie and three children between 1867-70. Settled in Comal Co. and buried in Kyle, TX. 

GOTCHER–Researching family of James Gotcher that emigrated to TX (Bastrop Co.) from Alabama around 1834. All killed in Indian raid except William Riley and James (sons) and Jane Crawford Spalding (daughter). 

GRAHAM–Seeking info on family of John Graham, b. 1841 in Ohio and d. 1908 in Karnes Co., TX. Fought in the Union army, was discharged in TX and settled in Atascosa Co. Married Saphronia __ about 1867 and had 13 children. 

GREEN–Searching for info on family of Harrison Green, b. 1821. Lived in Hill Co., TX in 1890. Had 3 wives: Cynthia Merrell, Annie Pace and Alice Jane (Murdock) Rufsell.

GREEN–Researching Aaron (b. VA abt 1798) and John Green. Migrated thru AL & MS to TX. Married Mary W. Littlepage and Nancy Littlepage, respectively, in AL. Interested in contacting anyone researching Green families in TX. 

GRESHAM–Researching families of James Henry Gresham, Ellis, Co., TX. Last marriage to Daisy Davis; family settled in Ellis Co. 1896. 

GRIFFIN–Seek info on Georgia (Godley) Griffin (d. 1898). Married William Laton Griffin in Anderson Co., TX in 1878. William was born in Guilford County, NC and was in NC Civil War Troops. Had a daughter Winnie or Winifred. 

GRIFFIN–Researching John Griffin, b. abt. 1793 GA. Arrived with family at Washington-on-the-Brazos, TX 16 Mar 1838. Died 31 Mar 1874 Salem, Milam Co., TX. Married Mary Jane Zellner Nov 1858, Milam Co., TX. Had 2 sons: John and Richard. 

GRIM–Seek info on descendents of Lewis Grim. Married Augusta McCann in 1848. Children were: Henry Wallace, Edd, Lester, James, Robert Elmer, and Olive. Lived in South Bosque area.

GRIMES–Researching family of Jesse Grimes (1788-1866), a signer of the Declaration of Independence of Texas and namesake for Grimes Co.

GRIMES–Would like to share info of Frederick Miller Grimes and his wife Elmira Susan Farley Grimes who married in Austin Co. in 1837. Lived in Austin Co. 1827-1851; Coryell Co. 1852-1882; Navarro Co.

GROGGINS–Ernest G. Nolen is looking for his old army pal, Barney C. Goggins. Last known address was Houston, Texas circa 1947.

GROUNDS–Researching family of Daniel Webster Grounds, settled in Talpa and Glen Cove, Coleman Co., Texas, in late 1800s. Married Sarah Guinn and had ten children. 

GUNSOLUS–Seek info on Dr. Peter D. Gunsolus, b. 1801 NY. Came to Texas around 1857 from Missouri with his last wife Susannah (Jones). They and their descendants lived in Shackelford and Stephens Counties, Texas until the early 1900s. 


HAITHCOCK–Researching family of Lucinda Arazelia Haithcock (or Heathcock), b. in TX 5 Jan 1876. Dau. of William Dempsey Haithcock and Malinda Josephine Roberts. Married Calvin Orrin McLaughlin. 

HAMILTON–Researching Matthew Thompson Hamilton, b. Gwinett Co., GA in the 1830s. Served in the Confederacy and migrated with his family to Nacogdoches, TX in 1866. 

HAMILTON–Looking for any info on James Hamilton, b. 29 Nov. 1803 in Laurence Co., SC, moved to Indiana in 1812, married Mary Eyestone on 12 July 1826, died 1857 in Limestone Co., TX. Had two sons in Indiana: George and David. One source states that he “participated in a number of Texas Wars”. 

HANSON–Looking for any info on my grandfather, John W. Hanson (1877-1953). Lived in Greenville, TX. Traveled a lot and was a carpenter.

HARDING–Researching family of Newton Robert Harding. Settled in the town of Berclair, Goliad Co., TX around late 1870’s / 80’s. Married Narcissus Burris abt. 1894 and had nine childern. 

HARPER–Researching Philip (Peter) Harper b. KY 1816, m. 1850 Marilla Tuttle, Pike Co. IL, d. Lavaca Co. (Sweethome) TX 1891. Fought at San Jacinto & in Mexican War.

HARRIS–Researching family of John Lyman Harris who lived in or near Rosenburg, Fort Bend Co. around 1900. Was a broom maker who later migrated to Polk Co. AR


ILER–Seeking data on Eula Iler, born 12/24/1894 in Velasco, TX. 

IRWIN–Researching William A. Irwin and wife Mary (d. 1879 in Lawrence, TX). Lived in Missouri City, TX where dau. Minnie E. Irwin was born in 1875.

ISAACKS–Seek info on Carrie (or Caroline) Isaacks, b. about 1855. Married Lev Smith, b. about 1854. Lived in the Tarkington Prairie area of Liberty Co. and had 6 children: Ed, Frank, Pat, Mollie, Ida and Luby. 

ISAACKS–Seek info on family of Nathan Samuel Isaacks (1861-1940), m. Susan Elizabeth Spear (1871-1940). Lived in Walker and Liberty Counties, TX. Children: Annies (1884- ), Jessie Alton (1887- ), Lillie Mae (1890- ), and Louis (1892- ). 

IVEY–Researching family of J. A. (?) Ivey.  Died 1931 living in Pottsboro/Denison (Grayson Co.) TX.; Married Jennie Davis & had 3 sons and 3 daughters. 


JACKSON–Researching Isaac Jackson (d. 1831) & wife Zillah Thompson (d. 1866). Settled in Austin’s Colony at Washington-on-the-Brazos. Was alcalde & had 6 children. 

JENNINGS–Searching for Wilburn “Bud” Jennings; born in Georgetown, Williamson Co., 1858; died in Dool 1929. Married Amanda Shockey in 1883. 

JOHNSON–Researching Charles F. Johnson (1859?-1927). Immigrated to Williamson Co. in 1880 from Sweden. Moved to Ft. Worth in 1890 where he owned saloon(s). Moved back to Williamson Co. in 1918 where he died in 1927. 

JOHNSON–Seek to share info on extended family of Claiborne Johnson who emigrated to Texas (probably Nacogdoches Co.) in the early 1840’s. His son, Middleton Tate Johnson, moved on to Tarrant Co. before 1850. 

JOHNSTON–Would like to hear from anyone with interest in family of my ggg-gf Charles Johnston, who came to Texas in the early 1800’s, fought in the Revolution in Fannin’s command. He married Paula Guerra, and had several children. 

JOINER–Researching family (parents) of Benjamin Thomas Joiner (1880-ca. 1961) from Beeville, TX. Married Ora Adell Hammond in 1917. Lived in Junction, TX ca. 1917-1925; Salado ca. 1925-1937. 

JOLLY–Researching family of William Jolly, b. 1821 in TN. Moved to Blanco County, TX (Round Mountain area) in 1854. Had several children, including Stanton Jolly (b. 1847 in MS).

JONES–Researching Catherine Cecilia Jones, b. between 1870 and 1884. Married Frank Roper and lived in Mississippi and east Texas. Died in Houston, TX in the early 1960’s. 

JONES–Looking to share info on William Early Jones (1810-1871) who migrated to Texas in 1839 and later was a legislator, lawyer and judge. Have a lot of general info but need geneology data. 

JONES–Looking for info on George W. Jones of Cherokee Co., TX. Served in Civil War. Had sons J. Y. (b. 1858) and Edgar A.

JORDY–Looking for information on Louis P. Jordy, lived in Walker County, Texas around 1868. 

JOSEPH–Seeking info on brothers and sisters of Sarah Joseph, who married Jefferson Barthelow in southwest Texas (probably in the Laredo-San Antonio corridor) during the mid-1800s. 


KELLETT–Seeking info on Elizabeth Taylor Kellett, b. SC 1818, m. John Park, Montgomery Co., TX, Feb. 20, 1843; Elizabeth’s siblings who also came to TX were Thomas, William, James, John, and Nancy (who married Abraham Davis. 

KELLUM–Trying to find out what happened to my g-grandfather, Green A. Kellum. He was born May 5, 1873 in Waco, Texas, the son of William and Elizabeth Kellum. The last known address of Green was at the County Poor Farm in 1900.

KENT–Seek info on family of Andrew Jackson Kent (1791-1836), an Alamo defender in 1836. Came to DeWitt’s colony from MO in 1829. Married Elizabeth Zumwalt (1798-abt. 1844). 

KILGORE–Researching family of John Benjamin Killgore; m. Charlotte Bell Deloach and settled in Cherokee Co. Gave land for the old State Prison located in Rusk. John is buried inside the entry of the prison. 

KING–Searching for info on family of John King and Jessia Anna Fadely. They married 13 September 1885, had six children and lived in Vernon, Texas.

KNIFFEN–I am researching James Eliphalet Kniffen, b. abt. 1822 in either PA or TN. He married Elizabeth ____ and moved to Hunt Co., TX by 1870. 

KRUPPA–Seeking info on relatives of Richard Kruppa from La Grange, TX in late 1800s. Had four sons, one of which is my grandfather. 

KUEHL–Researching Emil Kuehl (Kuhl) m. Doretta Buhring 1895, Cistern, TX. Three children: Hugo, Walter, Hedwig. Lived Gonzales area. 


LABENSKI–Seek info on Victor Labenski, born 1810 in Poland; arrived in Texas in 1836. He married Rebecca Stilwell. Lived in Bastrop in the early 1840s; then settled in Buda, Hays Co., TX. Had 5 children. 

LANCASTER–Researching Allen Brooks Lancaster, b. March 1, 1885 in Albany, Shackelford Co. Texas. Parents, believed named Ezikiel and Martha, died in the same area in 1888-1890.

LAWRENCE–Would like to exchange info on family of Samuel Lawrence, b. ca 1810 IL Territory, lived in Washington Co., TX ca late 1820s, d. Burleson Co., TX.

LAWSON–Looking for any info on family of Harvey Lawson family who came to Roundrock, TX from Somerset, KY in the late 1800’s. 

LEACH–Searching for family of James Allen Leach (b. 1833 in GA); lived in Rusk Co. near Henderson in 1860-1880. Most of the Leach family moved to Gregg Co. near Kilgore. From Bobby Ray Leach, originally from Walton County Georgia – In the late 1850s Allen Jasper Leach settled in Kilgore, Texas. In the early 1860s, his brother, Ladson Leach, joined him. Together they served in the Confederate Army. Ladson is buried in Snyder. Allen Jasper is buried in Kilgore.

LEE–Researching Thomas J. Lee, son of William H. Lee and Harriet Suttle Lee. TJL was b. 1850 in MS. Lived in Erath Co., TX. Buried in Lingleville, TX. 

LEE–Researching Thomas and Elizabeth Lee. Settled near Coldsprings, TX and had at least 3 children: Alvetta m. Samuel Ellisor; Lewis (1838-1912; my gg-grandfather) m. Elizabeth Whitley; John (1837-1913) m. Jane Dobson

LEMMONS–I am looking for information on my gg-grandfather James Lemmons (1832-1910), buried in Henderson, TX. 

LEWIS–Looking for descendants of Simon Peter Lewis (c.1870-1941); m. Rosa Hays Scallorn and lived in Williamson and Coleman Co., TX. Children were: Ersie (Clayton), Joe, Simon, Alma (Barnwell), Arthur, Ruby (Ladwig), Oliver, Richard, and J. C

LIGHTBOURNE–Wish to share info on the Lightbourne family (including William Henry Lightbourne) that settled in the Port Isabel, TX area before 1850. 

LIGHTFOOT–Would like to share info on the four Lightfoot brothers (William Webster, Wilson T., Henry L., and John) who came to Texas ca. 1830 and served in Texas Revolution.

LLOYD–Researching the family of Eliza/Elizabeth Lloyd (1844?-1872). Married Robert Cates, 17 Jan 1867 in Burnet Co.; had three children. 

LOCKE–Looking for any info on family of Washington Henry Locke. Migrated in the 1830’s from KY to Paris, TX, where all of his 18 kids lived or were born. 

LOCKHART–Researching Byrd Lockhart (1787-1839). Settled in DeWitt Colony (now Plum Creek area of Gonzales County) from 1825 until his death. Was a surveyor. 

LOVING–Researching Oliver Loving, best known for his role in blazing the Goodnight-Loving cattle trail. Seek sources for his first year in Texas (1845-46) in Lamar Co., and for cattle drives to Confederate forces in Civil War. 

LUNSFORD–Looking for info on John R. Lunsford, m. Sarah Harrison, in Robertson Co. TX, in 1846. Lived in several north central TX counties. Buried at Lampasas. 

LUXTON–Seeking info on Mary Jameson Arnold Luxton who lived along the Dry Frio, Reagan Wells, Uvalde Co., from about 1870-1905. Married 1st a Doctor Arnold, then m. James Madison Luxton. 

LYMAN–Seeking info on the Lyman family that lived in Lampasas, TX in the mid-1880s, especially the parents and siblings of Finnie Lyman, who married Thomas Johnston Hardeman in 1885. 

LYNCH–Researching family of James Harvey Lynch, b. 1830 in TN. Married Sarah Shockley in 1860 in Anderson Co., TX; moved to Bowie Co. in 1861.


MAC GREAL (McGreal, McGrill, McGreel)–Researching Peter MacGreal (~1815, Ireland-1869, Galveston, TX). Married Mary Caroline Doss. Was District Attorney in the Republic of Texas. Known children: Clarence, Hortensia, Octavia, James, & Cornelia. 

MADEL–Interested in any info on family of Henri Madel, who died in Jefferson, TX in late 1800’s. May have been in Texas Rangers. 

MAGRILL–I am trying to locate the parents of Mattie Magrill born in 1893 in present day Gregg County, m. Wade Hampton Davidson in 1895. She might be the child of Samuel D. Magrill and Mary McKinney Magrill. 

MANGUM–Want to share info on Robert S. Mangum (1800-1877) who settled in Matagorda Co., TX in the 1850’s. His wife was Rutha Jane Arnold and they had 15 children. Robert was a farmer & justice of the peace. 

MARTIN–Researching family of Enmon (Cherokee) Martin, born 3/21/188? or 3/20/1891 in Big Ben, TX. Father Edward (Edie) Martin. Mother Jossie Cooper. Maried Nacey Jane Curliss. 

MARTIN–Researching family of Enoch Martin (b. 1819, NY). Served in Republic of Texas navy and settled in the Austin, TX area. Married Sarah Elizabeth Kennerly and had six children.

MASSEY–Researching family of Gilford Marion Cade Massey (1880-1962; 1/2 Mississippi Choctaw). Married Molity Cari Gilbreath (1882?-1918) and had 5 children. Both died at San Angelo, TX.

MATTON–I’d like to share info on family of Charles Louis Matton from Lyon, France. He lived in San Antonio in the early 1850s, but died in New Orleans in 1860 at 40 years of age. His widow, Josephine Bihl, returned to SA and wed Louis Eberhardt a few years later. —

McADAMS–Researching family of Joseph McAdams (1791-1866). Settled in Shelby Co. ca. 1850. Married first Elizabeth Cosby 1814 in Jackson Co., AL.

McALISTER–Looking for info on Joseph McAlister, b. ca. 1850, Parke Co., IN. Believed to have lived near Gainsville, Cooke Co. TX, ca.1870 to 1897, when he homesteaded in Pottawatamie Co, OK.

McBRIDE–Researching Marion D. (Bud) McBride. Settled in Coryell or Bell County around 1850. Married Emily J. Ray and had several children: Vick, Demp, Lillie, Alta & others. 

McCLAIN–Researching family of Samuel Wiley McClain (1827-1897). Came to TX abt. 1840 from NC and settled near LaVernia, Wilson Co. Married 1st Eliza Jane Newton (6 children) 2nd Lousiana McKay (12 children). 

McCOY–Looking for info on George (or J. C.) McCoy, believed lived near Teague around 1900. Had daughter Lucy. 

McCOY–I am researching the family of Jesse McCoy that settled in the DeWitt Colony, now Gonzales County. Father John “Devil” McCoy died in the Alamo.

McDONALD–Researching Jack (or Jackson) McDonald, born in Texas May 12, 1846. Moved to Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory and married there in 1868. 

McDONALD–I am researching the family of John S. McDonald, born in SC in 1793 and died in Thomaston, Texas in 1854. 

McKINNEY–Looking for any info or sources on Thomas F. McKinney who settled in Austin’s Colony in 1824.

McKINNEY–Seeking information on H. C. McKinney (1854-1922?), husband of Mary Losada Bales of Alvarado. Resided in Red River Co. in 1900. 

McLAUGHLIN–Looking for any info on Henry Clayton McLaughlin and his family. Married Mary Elizabeth Teague in Llano Co., TX in 1875. Died at Camp San Saba, McCullogh Co. 

McNELLY–I’m researching Leander McNelly, a Texas Ranger in the 1870’s. I’m particularly interested in deciphering whether his son’s actual name was Rebel. 

McWAIN–Researching family of Isaac McWain (1846-1926). Settled on a farm four miles south of Whitesboro, Grayson Co., Texas around 1862. Married Mary Elizabeth Surber and had four children. 

MELTON–Researching family of Lena Melton (1893-1990), born in Wise Co. TX, settled in Clarendon, TX married Emmitt Evans. Emmitt was a Baptist Minister. 

MERRETT–Researching Martha E. Merrett, (1845- ?). Father was from MS. Married John Chisom Bell in July, 1866. Lived in and around Rusk, TX. 

MEYER–Researching family of Fritz Meyer (1867-1951). Settled in Comal and Bexar Counties. Married (1890) Marie Schmalkoke and had 5 children: Hilda, Alvin Fritz, Emil, Erma, and Mary. He was a teamster, farmer, and owned ranch in Big Foot.

MIDDLETON–Searching for ancestors and origin of Samuel Porter Middleton (1806-1859). Arrived at Gonzales, DeWitt Colony 1829. Married Mary Turner (daughter of Winslow Turner) 1833, Jackson County, and had 7 children. A rancher in Victoria Co. and Goliad Co.

MIDDLETOWN–Have much info to share on John W. Middleton, b. 1808 Maury Co, TN and author of “The War Between The Regulators and Moderators,” a personal account of the Shelby county wars.

MILBY– Would like to contact descendents of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Milby, prominent in banking in Houston around turn of century. Especially interested in info on their daughter Josephine, who married George Hammon. 

MILLER–Researching Giden Thaddious Miller, born 1830 and married in TN; moved to Lake City AR. Had seven children and later moved to Tyler, TX.

MILLER–Researching family of Simon Miller, b. 30 April 1782 Bedford Co., VA. Married Lucinda Rucker 26 April 1802 Davidson Co. TN. Family to AR then TX with Austin Colony. 

MILLER–Seeking to share info about Solomon Miller that settled in San Augustine in 1824. Born in NC about 1796. Married Artaminta Bullock in 1852. 

MILLER–Researching Martin V. Miller (1834-1907) who came to Tarrant Co., TX from Illinois 1882. Wife Hannah Robley. 

MITCHELL–Seeking info on family of James Westley Mitchell, b. in Dallas around 1882. Went to Arkansas, then returned to TX, where he died in Galveston around 1958. 

MOFFITT–Seeking info on family of Albert Sidney Moffitt and wife Arzilla Wadley who migrated to Navarro County from Henderson County, TN by 1883. Arzilla died in 1913; Albert and four children moved to Dallas around 1910. 

MONTES–I’m searching for information on the family of Antonio P. (“A. P.”) Montes (1849-1897) born in Nacogdoches, TX. Married Valentine ?? and had 13 children.

MONTGOMERY–Researching family of John Wesley Montgomery (1884-1939) Born Ladonia, TX. Married Francis Maud Estes (1881-1965) and had 4 children. Settled in Wolfcity, TX. Mahalo. 

MONZINGO–Looking for info on the murder of George Whitfield Monzingo in Lovelady, TX approximately 1880 or 81. He was married to Nettie Alexander Monzingo and father of four children: Henry, Edward, Laura and Minnie.

MOORE–Researching family of James and Matilda Moore that settled in Fayette Co., TX in late 1860’s near Winchester area. Moved from Henry County, AL. Both died in 1880. Had several children. 

MORGAN–Researching Geroge W. Morgan family. Came from Wilcox Co., AL in 1836 and settled near what is today the town of Marlin in Falls Co. Massacred by Indians on January 1, 1838. 

MORRIS–Researching family of Smith Morris, m. Margaret Murdock and lived in San Saba County, TX in 1861 when son Newton Jefferson Morris was born. Newton died Prescott, AZ in 1935

MOSS–Would like to share data on family of Samuel Rivas Moss who came to Robertson Co., TX in the early 1800s. 

MUSQUIZ–I am researching the family of Manuel Musquiz, who settled in Uvalde Co., TX in mid 1800’s. 


NAUDAIN–Researching family of James Nelson Naudain (1804-1880), who settled in Navarro Co. about 1844 and later lived in Concho and San Saba Counties. 

NEIL–Request info on Amanda Emma Neil (1865-1920’s), born Fort McKavett, TX, may be daughter of a George Neil of McKavett. Married Charley A. Bell in 1884 and had five children. 

NELMS–Seeking information on Mary E. Omohundro (Mohundro) Nelms from TN and MS. Died in Grapevine, TX in 1878. Children were Ellen, Abner Carroll, Martin G., Francis Gay. 

NEWMAN–Looking for info about Newman family, part of the Old 300. Especially interested in any research available on Sally Scull (Sarah Newman, my distant aunt).

NEWMAN–I’m researching Joseph Newman (married to Rachel Rabb), one of Austin’s Original 300. Especially interested in period before they were married.

NICHOLS–Seek any info about James Wilson Nichols, born in 1820 in TN and moved to TX around 1836 and settled in the area of Gonzales.

NOBLES–Looking for info on family of Warren Nobles, b. 1802 in Pitt Co., NC and moved to Montgomery, TX between 1853 and 1857, along with several of his children: John, Susan, Martha, Mary, and Warren. 

NORLING–Researching Gustave Norling, born in Sweden about 1861. Baptist pastor in Marshall, Texas, for many years. Died about 1951. Wife: Lovisa. Had 3 sons and a daughter (Elisabeth). 

NUGENT–Looking for relatives of Thomas L. Nugent, district judge in Erath County in 1880-1900 era. I am told that there were relatives active in Texas politics in more recent times. 
. . . . . 
Hi, Cousin Richard. Your inquiry was especially interesting to me, as I am twice related to Thomas L. Nugent: once by marriage and once by blood. His first wife was Clara Hardeman, a half-sister of my great-grandfather. Nugent was also a grandson of Judge Seth Lewis and Nancy Hardeman Lewis (1774-1833) of Louisiana, to whom I am also distantly related. Will reply with details via email.


O’NEAL–Seek info on John Wesly O’Neal: b. 1874 in Weatherford, TX; d. 1942 in Brownwood, TX. Info on wife and parents unknown.

ONEY–Researching family of Richard P. “Dick” Oney (1865 KY-1916 OK). About 1885 in Texas, he married Eliza Jane Tackett (1869 AR-1941 OK), and lived in Erath Co., TX in 1900. 


PAFFORD–Researching family of Randolph A. Pafford. Moved from DeKalb, TN to Del Rio, TX about 1853.

PARKER–Wish to exchange info on Thomas S. and Rachel Thornton Parker, who were among the first settlers of Corpus Christi. Thomas was the son of William W. and Hannah Parker who settled in Galveston in 1837 and operated the Planters House Hotel there. 

PARR–Researching family of Rev. John Overton Parr (1817-1868) who lived in Titus Co., TX. His father was Berryman Turner Parr (d. 1849, Barry Co., MO)

PATTERSON–Looking for information on James Albert Patterson born 1875 in or around Weatherford, Texas. 

PATTILLOS–Seeking info about my grandfather, J. Doak Pattillos, who disappeared from Waco, Texas around 1906, when my Father, Archie William Pattillos, was only 8 years old. My father’s mother was Annie Upchurch, b. 1867 in TX. 

PAUL–Researching family of George William Paul, b. 1827 in AL. Moved to Dallas Co., TX in late 1840’s with his wife Mary Barsheba Paul. Later moved to Bosque Co., where he was elected precint 4 constable. Had twelve children.

PHILLIPS–Researching Carl Phillips, b. 1910/11 in Waxahachie. Lived in Gladewater, TX in 1944. 

PHILLIPS–Seeking information Joseph Phillips, a school teacher and I think a school principal in Harris County around the turn of the century. Wife was Nina May Steele. 

PHILLIPS–Looking for info on family of George Washington Phillips and wife Jessie Lee Crabb Phillips. May have been in Johnson Co., TX 1870 to 1898, then possibly in Wise Co., TX.

PHIPPS–Seek info on brothers William Alva Phipps (b. 1827 VA) and John McClemmon Phipps (b. 1834 VA). Both moved to Van Zandt Co., TX after 1877 and both had large families.

PIPES–Would like to share information on Wesley E. Pipes who moved to Cleburne, TX about 1870 from the area of Monroe, LA. 

POGUE–Researching James Madison Pogue and wife Sarah Graham. Moved from TN to TX (Ellis Co.) around 1880. Sons: Hugh, William T., James B., John V., Willis, Zachery, Lorenzo, Joseph & Harvey. Daughters: Josephine and Rosely.

POLK–Researching John A. and Ann Alderson Polk, who operated the Virginia House Hotel in Corpus Christi in 1860s and 1870s. John Polk, from Mecklenburg Co., NC, was clerk for the municipal court and precinct judge for precinct one. 

POOL–Researching family of Samuel Thomas Pool. Married to Anna Elizabeth Pollard in 1875. Settled in Nacogdoches and Nolan counties.

POPE–Researching family of Jabez Pope (1795-1844) that settled Harrison Co., TX in 1838. Married Clarissa Presnall and had eight children. He owned land in Harrison, Panola, and Anderson counties. 

POWELL–Seek info on William R. Powell (b. in TN and d. 1856 in TX) and his wife Melissa (from Mexico). Both here before 1836. Had 3 children. Resided in Walker Co. in 1850s.

POWERS–I am researching James Hopkins Powers & Samuel Hopkins Powers. They were in the Comanche Co. area from about 1862 until at least 1894, when James married Mollie Emma Cole. 

POWERS–Looking for info on Elija (Elisha?) Powers, possibly an M.D., was either uncle or father of Joseph Carroll (J.C.) Powers, b. 1864 in TX and resident of Stephenville.

POWERS–Looking for info on William Leander Powers b. 1848/9 and his wife, Jessie Lee (Crabb) Powers b. 1847/8 in TX. 


QUEBE–Researching family of Heinrich Quebe (b. 1856) who came to Brenham, TX at the age of 15 from Oppendorf, Westphalen, Germany. Married Hulda Hueske (b.1862) in 1885 and moved to McLennan Co., TX.


RADER–Seeking info on Tabitha Arkansas Rader (1840-1925). Married John West and had at least one son: John T. West. Lived for a time at Norway Mill, TX. Said to be half Cherokee. 

REED–Researching James R. Reed, Lamar County, TX who married Rowena Parchman in 1878. Had several children: Robert, Mollie, Dealy & others. 

RIDINGS–I am looking for info on the family of David J. Ridings, born 1853 in MO. Moved to Texas prior to the civil war. Married Rachel McDonald and had a son James Andrew. 

ROBERSON–Would like to share info on brothers Thoms W. and William McGee Roberson who emigrated to Erath Co., TX in 1859 from Tippah Co., MS. 

ROBERTS–Searching for info on Chandler “Jake” Roberts (1820-1867), died in Waco, TX. Married Martha McCarty (1827-1901), died in Erath County, TX. Children: Isaac, John, Henry, Jacob, James, Mary, Nancy, & William. 

ROBERTS–Would like to share info about the Elisha Roberts family that settled in San Augustine in 1823. He was alcalde, owned a brick factory, and my ancestor. I have a lot of info on him but I am always looking for more.

ROBERTS–John, Sr. (my ggg grandfather) and his brother Luke migrated to present day Lamar Co., TX about 1820. John’s children were: John Jr., Reddin, William, Kisiah, Jemima, Lucinda, Sarah, and Darcus. Have many documents and stories to share on this family line. 

ROBERTS–Would like to find parents and siblings of William Edward Roberts, b. ca. 1890 in Riesel, TX. An orphan, he thought his father was Aaron and his brother Thomas.

ROBINSON–Alamo defender Isaac Robinson is listed from Scotland. We have several Isaac Robinsons in our family tree and some of the family was from Scotland, Conn. Does anyone have any more info on this Isaac Robinson (Parents, DOB, Spouse, etc.) so that I can see if he belongs in our family tree? –
[According to the New Handbook of Texas, Robinson was born in 1808 in Scotland, and entered Texas from Louisiana. No spouse of parents names given.

RODRIGUEZ–Looking for information on Baleriano Rodriguez who lived in Kenedy, Texas in the early 1900s. Had 7 or 8 children.

ROGERS–Seeking info on Robert Stoker Rogers who came from Tishamingo, Mississippi to Pidcoke area of Coryell County in 1857. Built mill on Cow House Creek. Married ____ Snow from near that area and had several daughters and three sons.

ROWE–I am looking for info on a Robert Rowe, b. 1833 in KY. Married Margaret Kniffen in Fulton, Co., IL before moving to Hunt County, TX in 1870. 

RUSK–Would like share info on Rusk family, especially to verify birth date of my gg-grandfather, David Rusk (1814?-1877), brother of Thomas Jefferson Rusk. Both fought in the Battle of San Jacinto..

RUSSELL–Researching ancestors of Joseph Russell, (1800 NC-1881 TX). Died in Collin Co., TX. Married Elizabeth Gray. They were in MO in 1822. 

RYAN–I am searching for any info on my g-grandfather Edward Michael Ryan, b. in Galveston in the late 1890s. 


SAMPLE–Researching family of John Sample (1797-1847) that settled in Shelby Co., TX in 1838. Married Sarah (Davis?) and had nine children. 

SAUER–I am researching my gggg-grandmother Emma Sauer (1860-1894). She married Henry Hillmann and lived in or around Black Jack Springs in Fayette Co. 

SCALING–Researching Samuel Scaling (1860-1905). St. Louis packer and Texas ranchman, mostly in Baylor Co. Moved cattle up Texas Trail to St Louis. 

SCALLORN–Looking for any info on Thomas and his brother William “Louisiana Bill” Scallorn, both born in LA in the 1830s. They are said to have fought in the Civil War in Texas. 

SCHEFFLER–Researching family of Karol (Karl) Scheffler (1837-1907). Settled in the area of Yorktown, TX. Married Johanna Dugi and had 6 children: Lawrence (1873-1949), Antone, Frances, John, Bridget, and Joe. –

SCHURBOHM–I am interested in the family of Heinrich (Henry) Schurbohm who lived in the Gonzales area around 1900. Married Bertha Doebbler in TX and was a contractor. 

SELKE–Seeking info on Gustav Adolph Selke (b. 1821 in Berlin, German; d. 1888 in San Antonio, TX). Immigrated to Indianola, TX ca. 1845. Married (1) Friederike Mary Hornung in 1848; (2) Pauline Fleming in 1854. 

SHINDLER–Researching Albert Benjamin Shindler (1876-1914) Buried in Altoga, TX. Married Mary Ellen Johnson (1888- ?) and had 4 children. 

SHIP–Looking for info on Prudence Ship, born 1811 in TX; married Thomas Bennett in 1828 probably in AL; died 1881 in Georgianna, AL. 

SHUGERT–Researching Clarence Moses Shugert, b. abt. 1874 in TX, m. Emily J. Ingram, b. 1874 in TX and died in Denton, TX.  

SIMS–Researching family of Harvey and Harriet Sims, came to Dallas Co. and then Erath Co. about 1885 from TN. 

SMITH–Seek info on family of Washington H. Smith.  Settled in Fannin Co., TX around 1850-1855.  Married Mary Polly Self.  He was in AL in 1830. 

SMITH–Researching family of Joseph Jefferson Smith (1881-1956). Settled in Waco. Married Zorada Susanna Payne and had 4 children. After she died he moved to L.A CA, without children. 

SMITH–Researching family of George Martin Smith (died 1892) who settled at Bonham (and later Grove Hill), Fannin County, TX ca. 1842. First wife was Nancy Barbour. Had total of 22 children by 4 wives. 

SMITH–Looking for William Hawken Smith; was in Voca, TX in 1862 when son George McCullogh Smith was born; died in Brady, TX; married Betsy Woodhall. 

SMITH–Researching John E. Smith born in VA ca 1762; migrated to TX in early 1820s in and around Sabine and San Augustine counties. Known children who migrated with him were William D., Robert H., John B., and Mary. 

SMITH–Seek info on John D. Smith. Migrated to TX with his father, Sion, in 1828. Became first sheriff of Robertson Co. in 1840. Died in Limestone Co. 1848.

SMITH–Seeking ancestors and descendents of Robert Franklin (Frank) Smith, b. July 1852 GA, d. 1936 Tom Green County, TX. Married several times. 

SMITH–Seeking info on Silas Smith who moved to Weatherford in Parker County around 1853. His son Samuel Hancock Smith married a Dillahaunty and was a Texas Ranger who ultimately lived in Hood County. –

SMYTH–Seek info on family of Peyton Smythe (1826-1899). Migrated from Hardeman Co., TN to San Antonio to Corpus Christi, TX. He was a Texas Ranger, Judge, and JP. Married Otelia Ardell Buckner.

SOWELL–Seek info on family of John Newton Sowell (1780-1838). Married Rachel Sarah Carpenter about 1808. Lived in Gonzales, TX at time of death. A son, Andrew Jackson Sowell (1815-1883), was a courier at the Alamo. 

SPARKMAN–Looking for info on my g-grandfather Thomas Sparkman. Lived in Collin or Denton Co. and died in 1900. Married Rose Emma Lobb.

SPARKS–Researching family of M. D. Lafayette Sparks (1831-1915?). Settled in Wise Co., TX in 1871 from TN. Served in Civil War as a private in 6th Tennessee “G” cavalry (Wheelers). 

SPARKS–Researching John Sparks (1843-1908). From the Lampasas area. Cattleman; went to WY, ID, and then NV, where he became governor. 

SPEER–Seek info about John Taylor “Jack” Speer and wife Mary Boyd who lived in McLennan County, TX in 1869. Later moved moved their family to Stephens Co.

SPRAY–I am search for information on the family of Elias Spray, who is listed in the 1850 Mortality Census of Cooke Co., Texas. Would like to find out who his children were (I have only a partial list).

SQUYRES–Seek to share info abt. William Fletcher Squyres, b. 4 Nov 1867 in Athens, TX, d. 9 Jan 1938 in Alvin, TX. Married 17 March 1888 to Margaret Iola Marlow, b. 11 Jan 1870 in Mt. Vernon, IL, d. March 1927.

STALLINGS–I am looking for any info on the family of Eli Stallings. Married Sarah Brantley in 1844 in MS and settled in Lamar Co., TX in the 1850’s. His son Thomas married Vienna Deweese in 1869 in Lamar Co. 

STARKEY–Researching family of Bill Starkey that came from Jackson Co., AL in late 1800s and settled in East Texas. 

STEELE–Seeking any info on Alexander William Steele. Married more than once. Died abt. 1950-55 and buried in Jasper, Texas.

STEPHENS–Researching family of William McGowan Stephens and Martha Cobb. Married in AL in 1861. Travelled to Milam Co. in 1866, then Limestone (now Falls) Co. Children were: Wallace, John Moses, Milton, Willie Ann, Ophelia, Maggie and Alice. 

STEPHENS–Looking for info. on family of James Charles Stephens, m. Hattie Ann Hodges in TX abt. 1895 and had 8 children: J.C., Nellie, Rachel, Sybil, John M., Frand James, Melvin D. and Richard Lewis.

STEPHENSON–Researching John Stephenson. Married “Sallie” Greer in Walker Co., TX in 1875. 

STEPP–Seek info on Eliza Teck Stepp, born ca. 1841, possibly in Trinity Co., TX. Married Francis Marion Manning. Settled in Polk and Houston counties and had seven children. 

STEVENS–Looking for info on Thomas Stevens. Came to TX with Austin Colony, then Milam Co., TX. Married Elizabeth Miller. Known children: Henry, Andrew, Silas, James & Thomas. –

STILL–Researching Nathan Still, born in NC circa 1844. He first shows up in Panola Co., TX in the 1870 census; then in Rusk Co. in 1900, 1910 and 1920.

STONE–Seek info on Samuel Stone (1797-1857). Married Mary Ann Chunn. Came to TX in 1839. Lived in Austin. Served in rangers and in fight against Woll. Survived Mier Expedition, Black Bean Episode and Perote Prison. —

STOWE–I am researching the family of my gg-grandfather, Joel Wells Stowe, Sr. I believe that he came from Noxube County, MS to Houston County, TX in 1837 and acquired land from the Republic of Texas in 1839. 

STUBBLEFIELD–Would like to share info on descendants of Eugene and Robert Stubblefield, brothers who went to Texas ca. 1886-1890 from Banner, Calhoun Co., MS. Lived in Belton and Prairie Dell areas in Texas. 

SWEARINGEN–Looking for descendents of Samuel Swearingen and Margaret Peyton. Had sons Valentine and Elemelech. All came to Austin Co., TX in 1831. 


TACKER–Researching Jacob Wesley Tacker, b 1818 Giles Co., TN, d. 1897 Freestone Co. TX. Married Mary Ann Cobb. 

TANDY–Seeking info about James A. Tandy, b. in TX c. 1847. Married (1st) Rebecca Stribling of SC and had two sons: John and David.

TANNER–Researching family of Rucker Tanner, b. abt. 1850. Believe him to be the same Rucker Tanner who was affiliated with the XIT Ranch, and later became a Hartley Co. judge. 

TASKER–Researching family of Charles Tasker. Married Grace Yarbrough (Yarber?) 1895 in Waco, TX and had 6 children. 

TATE–Researching Elijah Tate (1796-1848?), b. VA, fought in War of 1812. Came from MO to TX in 1829 as a member of DeWitt’s Colony. Married Sarah (Grogan) Roe Sowell in 1835 and had 3 children. 

TATE–Seeking info on Rueben W. Tate (1861-1940). He was born in AR, ran away from home to TX, married Ida Halford, and settled in Uvalde, TX. 

TERRELL–Seek info on family of Alexander W. Terrell (1827 VA-1912 TX). Served as Texas Judge and Legislator, Confederate General, and U. S. Minister to Turkey. 

TERRY–Looking for info on Joseph Curtis Terry and A. Janie Looney who were married in Grayson County, Texas in 1880. They had 6 or 7 children before he moved on to Oklahoma. 

THACKER–Researching William W. Thacker, b. abt. 1843. Married Susie Davee and lived in Llano County, TX in 1905. 

THOMAS–Researching family of Thomas Thomas and wife, Louicy. Settled in Dallas Co. in 1860s. Children were John K, Orville, Elijah, Rachel, Sarah, Mary and James. 

THOMAS–Researching family of William Edward Thomas, settled in Wood Co., TX about 1880. Married Louisa Dyess and Alice Blaylock, 11 children. 

THOMPSON–Searching for any family of John Armstrong Thompson (ca. 1830 NC-1864 TX). Died in Cherokee Co., TX. Married Margaret Oranna (Boyd?). They were in Pike Co., AL in 1853. 

THOMPSON–Searching for parents/siblings of Alexander Thompson (ca. 1799 GA – 1839 TX). Arrived in TX in 1823. Married 1. Asena Arnold 1829; 2. Martha Boyacan 1839. 

THOMPSON-Seek to share info on family of Ezekiel Thompson, b. abt 1826 in PA. Living in Liberty, TX in 1870 and Kaufman Co. in 1880. Married Virginia ??, b. abt 1828 in GA.; daughter Ida Maria, b. abt 1865 in Liberty, TX.

THORN–I am researching the families of Frost Thorn and his nephews John Stephen Thorn and Leo Mortimer Thorn. All were residents of Nacadoches from the 1820s and 1830s.

THORNAL–Looking for info on John Henry Thornal (1816-1888). Died in Anderson Co., Texas. 

TIDWELL–Researching family of Dempsey Tidwell that settled in Washington Co. (Union Hill area) in 1839. Wife’s name Tabitha. They had several children. Joined Sibley’s Brigade (CSA ) in Civil War. Killed at Battle of Val Verde, NM.

TIDWELL–Researching the Tidwell family of Granbury, Hood County, TX in the 1878-1919 time frame. Specifically interested in William Tidwell and his sons J. E., b. 1853, and Hiram H., b: 1849 (all born in AK). 

TISDALE–Researching family of Edward “Ned” Tisdale (1796-1878). Settled in Red River Co., TX. Married last wife, Sarah Elizabeth Roach in 1859 and had six children. Occupation listed as farmer and preacher. 

TOWLES–Looking for info on family of David M. Towles (originally from Kentucky), married Clementine Lena Varner (originally from Alabama) and moved to Hood County, Texas around 1875. 

TRAVLAND–Researching family of Louis Peterson Travland (Traveland) (1851-1916) of Bee County, Texas starting about 1895. Married Dina Finn, Tilda & another wife. 

TUDYK–Researching family of Louis August Tudyk (1874-1957) who settled in the area of Leming, Atascosa Co., TX. Married Josephine Rakowitz (1882-1964) and had 3 children: Martin, Frank, and Ferdinand. 

TUMLINSON–I am looking for info on the family of John Jackson Tumlinson (my gggg-grandfather). He was one of Austin’s “Old 300” colonists. 


UPTON–Looking for info on Jiles Beauregard Upton, b. 1 Nov 1861 in TX; married Emma Hood Brazell, b. 27 Nov 1861 in TX. Had 7 children & apparently lived mostly in Bell, Eastland & Callahan Counties. 


VANN–Seek info on Mason M. Vann. He is listed with Stephen F. Austin’s Old 300. He was in Texas by 1822. Also listed in Leon Co., Texas in 1850 census. 

VARNER–Seeking info for book on my ggg-grandfather, Martin Varner, b. 1785 in Fayette Co, PA, migrated to Jonesboro on the Red River in 1816, and joined Austin’s Colony in 1824.” Would like to contact any of his descendents. –

VAUGHN–Seek any info on V. E. Vaughan, a saddle maker in Austin–I believe during the Civil War. Thanks. 

VAUTER–Would like to share info on the early history of the Vauter family of Collin, Delta, and Lamar Counties.

VILLARREAL–Looking for information on Pedro Villarreal. Lived in Karnes Co. during 1920s. 

VISER–Seek information on family of Napoleon Viser, a doctor for Sam Houston.  Married 29 April 1851 to Bethenia Hardeman.  Had no children.  


WALKER–Researching Carter Quincy Walker, age 21 in 1880 Tarrant Co. census. Died 1913. Married Nancy Jane Adams in Wise Co. in 1885. First son Clarence born Oct. 12, 1886. 

WALLACE–Looking for info on John Andrew Wallace family. Came to San Saba, TX area about 1867. Had son “Noon” and daughters. 

WALLACE–Researching family of Jesse Young Wallace who came to TX in the 1870’s and settled in Brenham, Washington Co. Children included Claude Briggs Wallace, my grandfather. 

WALSH–Seeking to share info on Nicholas Walsh (b. May 1838); emigrated from Co. Kilkenny, Ireland to the US in the 1850s. By (at least) September 1868, he was in Galveston, TX, where he left a relatively sizeable amount of money for the construction of St. Patrick’s Church. 

WALSTON–Researching J. T. Walston (1838-1945), born in Harrison Co.,TX; died in Corpus Christi. Married Cora Cliffton. 

WARE–Looking for info on William Ware born 1864 in Rome Georgia. Was a photographer in the Dallas area 1885-1920’s. 

WAHRENBERGER–Researching James Wahrenberger (1855-1929), an architect who practiced in San Antonio and Austin in late 1800’s. Married Johanna Sequin from Switzerland and had two children. 

WATSON–John T. Watson received grant in 1838, Red River Co., with Oran D., Coleman, James, and Evan T. Watson. Would like to connect these men. 

WEIGEL–Researching family of John Weigel. Immigrated to Colorado Co., Texas with his family in 1845. 

WEST–Seeking info on John West. Died 1891 in jail in Velasco, TX. Married Tabitha Arkansas Rader and had at least one son: John T. West (1871-1965). 

WEYEL–Tracing family of Johann Jost Weyel, my gg-grandfather, who emigrated from Germany to TX in the late 1860s, Entered TX at Indianola.

WHINES–I am seeking information about Abraham Whines who lived in Lampasas Co. TX and is mentioned in the 1880 census. 

WHITE–Reseaching family of George W. White (1827-1882). Married Ann (?) and had five children. Settled in counties of Delta and Hopkins; lived in Cooper, TX in 1860. 

WHITE–I am looking for info on Henry White, believed from Texas, m. Annie E. Lucas from Louisiana about 1880. Had son named Joseph. 

WHITTINGTON–Seek information on Julia A. Mayfield, nee Whittington; b. 1820s in AL; wife of Austin Mayfield, b. c1822 SC, d. c1877 Van Zandt Co.,TX. Family came to TX prior to Civil War. 

WHITWORTH–Researching family of John Madison Whitworth (1875 MS-1965 OK). About 1895 in TX, he married Katrina Koop (1875 KS-1961 OK), possibly in Bell Co.

WILEY–Researching family of Samual Wiley (1800-1890), buried in Union Valley, TX. Fought at San Jacinto; married last to Martha Patsy Pate. Had son Daniel Levi Wiley. 

WILBURN–Trying to locate descendents of Richard B. Wilburn, b. 1840 AL; came to TX abt. 1845 via Victoria, DeWitt, Gonzalez, Live Oak and Atascosa Counties. Settled in Poteet, TX in 1871. 

WILLIAMS–Tracing family of Redmond John Williams (b. July 1845 in Jefferson or Pittsburg, TX. Married Sarah E. Pickett in 1863. Followed dau. to CA and died there in 1928. –

WILLIAMS–I am researching James A. Williams (1869-1931) and wife Alice Breeding Williams (1867-1929). Both buried China Spring, TX.

WILLIAMS–I am seeking information on John A. Williams, lawyer and judge who emigrated from GA to Jefferson Co., TX where he died in 1840. Married Margaretta Jane Dugat and had several children. 

WILSON–Researching family of Savil Wilson (1820-1880) and Elizabeth Deck. Lived in Cooke & Montague Cos., TX. Children: George (1856- ), Jesse, Abigal, Thomas, & Joseph. 

WILSON–Researching Richard T. Wilson and Nancy [Crabtree] Wilson. Children were: Susannah b. 1861/62 in TX, Tennessee (dau.) b. 1865/66 in TX, and older brother Joe b. in MS. 

WINTERS–Seeking info on Hannah Winters, b. Aug. 18, 1844 in Canada. Married Thomas Nichols Smith, b. Aug. 13, 1833 in either Canada or Scotland. Came to Harwood, Texas in 1875.

WOMACK–Looking for any info on Frank Womack, born ca. 1850, lived in Wise Co., TX ca. 1880. Had a son, John Marvin born 1896. Both eventually moved to Wheeler Texas.

WOOD–Searching for one or both of my birth parents. I was born August 23, 1963 in Harris County, TX. I was adopted through a private lawyer by Don and Marcia Wood. This was a closed adoption. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanx! 

WORTHINGTON–Tracking family of Lonzo and Cora Bell Worthington. Lived in Wrightsboro, Gonzales Co., TX from late 1800s . Had seven children, Edgar Sherill, Jesse, Otho, Stayton, Ida (Vickers), Lora Mae (Jeffers), and Ethel (Elms). 

WRIGHT–Seek info on Erastas Wright; born about 1843; married Laura Kelly; had 4 children: Roxie Lee, Jesse, Thomas and Charles. 

WYATT–Researching family of James M. Wyatt (1848-1920), settled in Carbon, TX (Eastland Co.), in late 1890’s. Married Mary E. Mooney, had 9 children. 

WYLIE–Researching Samuel Wylie, b. ca 1793 NC [probably Mechlenburg Co.], and died in Anderson Co., TX 7 November 1873, and his wife Nancy ??, b. 14 April 1793 NC, and died 31 December 1870 in Anderson Co., TX. 


XIMENEZ–Juan Antonio Ximenez (1810-1877) served in the Battle of San Antonio in 1835. In 1839, married Maria Teodora de Rodriquez (1823-1888) at San Fernando Catheral. Would like to share family info.


YATES–Seek to share info on family of Zachariah Yates, b. GA 1818/20. Lived in Jasper Texas in 1847 where daughter, Mary Antionette was born. 

YOUNG–Seeking ancestors of Marilla Blanche Young, b. 1862 in Montague Co.?, TX. Married in 1887 in Erath Co. to Harvey Meek, then later in OK to Albert Bandy. –


ZANCO–I am looking for information on Charles Zanco, who came from Denmark to fight at the Alamo. Thanks. 

ZIMMERMAN–Researching James Mortimer Zimmerman. Married Mary Ann Steward in 1846 in Washington Co. 

ZOREK (Zork)–Searching for descendants of Louis and Minnie Zorek (c.1840-c.1920) of Seguin, TX..

ZUBER–Wish to share info about William P. Zuber, one of the longest-living survivors of the Battle of San Jacinto and author of many stories about the Revolution. Would also like to locate a copy of his book “My Eighty Years in Texas.” 

ZUMWALT–Researching family and relatives of Adam Zumwalt (1790-1853) m. Nancy Elizabeth Caton (1795-1886). Were among the original settlers of the DeWitt colony in 1829.

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Lyman Hardeman has held a deep interest in Texas history. He spent his youth in College Station, Texas and received a degree in Electrical Engineering at Texas A&M in 1966. In 1995, Lyman created Lone Star Junction, a popular Texas history website that later merged with TexasProud.com. Lyman is a life member of the Texas State Historical Association and the author of Texas A&M The First 25 Years.