Where is Needmore Texas?
Where is Needmore Texas?

Most of us have seen the Bluebell Ice Cream commercial – where in Needmore they need more Bluebell Ice Cream. So I got to wondering, just where is Needmore, Texas?

According to the Handbook of Texas, there are 4 Needmore towns in Texas. There is also Needmore Creek in the far north county of Hemphill.

The oldest Needmore was established in 1850, Delta County. They couldn’t quite decide what to call their town, which was also known as : Jernigan, Pecan, Pecan Branch, and Eureka. The town officially became Needmore when the post office was named in 1886.

Our next Needmore appeared around 1900 in East Texas, Nacogdoches County. This was followed closely in 1904 by a Needmore in Terry County. The last Needmore came in 1920 Bailey County.

All of these communities were apparently named because they needed more settlers. None ever grew to be large towns and today only a few homes mark the spot of once hopeful settlement.

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