One Ranger : A Memoir by Joaquin Jackson

One Ranger : A Memoir
One Ranger : A Memoir

The great book begins with the Texas legend of a single Ranger sent to restore the peace in a rowdy boomtown. The story goes, it only takes one Ranger to stop one riot.

“That’s one story. There are countless others that belong to the hundreds of men who are part of a proud tradition close to two centuries old. I am only one Ranger out of those who came before me and those who will ride on ahead. Only one story belongs to me.”

Joaquin Jackson shares with us his story and those of the “Desperadoes and Dumbasses” he encounters along the way. The personal accounts range from amusing burglars and horse thieves, to dramatic and tragic stories of criminals in the Big Bend Area.

Considered to be one of the best books about the Texas Rangers, One Ranger is flying off the shelves – as well it should!

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