Old Rip – 31 Years in Eastland Couthouse

Have you heard the story of Old Rip, the horned frog?

In 1897 when the courthouse in Eastland Texas was built, Rip accidentally got caught in the construction. Thirty years later the courthouse was torn down and Old Rip was found sealed alive in the cornerstone!

Old Rip Eastland Courthouse
Old Rip Eastland Courthouse

Old timers were fond to recount tall tales that a horned toad could live 100 years without food or water. But this was totally unexpected when Old Rip was found alive.

Old Rip was reported in the news of the day and his fame spread through papers and news reels. Rip even went on a tour of the country and visited President Calvin Coolidge at the White House.

He lived the life of fame and luxury for a year until he finally froze to death during a very cold winter. Old Rip’s body has been preserved in a glass exhibit at the new Eastland Courthouse.

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