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Barbecue: A Texas Love Story

Here in Texas we love our barbecue.  Each weekend Texans all over the Lone Star State start  firing up the grill.

To some, BBQ is serious business. And now there a documentary called Barbecue: A Texas Love Story. It is a fun journey through the Lone Star State to visit BBQ cook-offs, the Salty Dawg cookers at the Mosquito Festival, a church that raises money from the sale of their “Holy BBQ” and more.

The film is narrated by Ann Richards and features commentary by famous Texans such as Dan Rather, Kinky Friedman, Liz Carpenter (chief of staff to President Johnson) and Cactus Pryor (Austin radio host). But the real stars of the movie are people of Texas who shared a laugh and a meal.

From small towns to family reunions, roadside BBQ pits to restaurants, cook offs and festivals – one thing is sure, all over Texas we are cooking and eating barbecue!

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